New Attorney claims man accused of killing Dallas 4-year-old Cash Gernon, is schizophrenic

The attorney defending the man suspected in the recent kidnapping and murder of a 4-year old boy in Dallas believes his client suffers from schizophrenia.

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  1. Nichelle Walker

    Something not right probably had brown pick him up out of his bed and gave him to the bigger brother cause his body Language shows guilt or maybe Monica wanted them both gone but brown was only able to get one brother 🤔🥀🥀💔

  2. Why did they lie like they hardly knew D. Brown is what's still confusing.

  3. Prince of the stars

    Schizophrenic? But very calculated how he did this in the middle of the night when NO ONE can see him??? He knew what he was doing. PARENTS take care of your KIDS PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  4. So, what is it?.. your client is innocent because he has a mental illness or it was not him on the video?… pick a lane, dude….. This poor child was terrorized at his last moments here on earth and the perpetrator needs to be held accountable. If claiming mental illness, he still does not need to be out in the free world where he could snap again or whatever and do this to someone else's child. We need to take better care of our babies!

  5. The first video looked more like the Monjcas son

  6. More to this story if he hadn’t seen his classmate older brother since grade school how did he even know he had a little brother & would be home 🤔….. now they live in the same neighborhood, no one heard him…. I’m calling scapegoat… someone in that family is to blame… tried to kidnap another child but they didn’t report that also ended up dead nah something is off with these ppl

  7. Absolutely this attorney is right, but I think police have ALLLL THE FOOTAGE..
    DB Also caught exposing himself various times in the neighbourhood.. He terrorised that neighbourhood for years, smashing ring cameras with hammer breaking in to homes and cars. This was sadly always going to happen.. He WASN'T going to stop, until he was STOPPED…

  8. Let's just say that lawyer's outfit is not helping his credibility

  9. eat all now save none 4 later

    If he gets the death penalty and it's carried out,he won't have to worry about being schizophrenic anymore!

  10. HardRockMiner

    Schizoids can be electrocuted too. I'll flip the switch. No charge

  11. everybody schizophrenic now

  12. This lawyer man. I know it's his job but I hope you don't sleep well protecting this monster.




  14. Esther Colvin

    That is bull, there's surveillance that after he was done kidnapping and murdering the boy, he went back to go for the twin brother. There's no way he is crazy this is pure evil.

  15. out of allbthe child kilkings this ine just makes my stomach hurt. I hope Darriynn never sees the light of day. I hope his twin brother lives a healthy life cause the parents aint about shyt.

  16. Why is the REAL mother so quiet about her son brutal horrifc murder. It seems like strangers are more upset than she is. I woukd be banging on Monicas door for the truth of what happened to that innocent baby. But she had time to get on that Go fund me page i bet. smh Derriynn aint the only looney tune in this bin.

  17. Justice For Cash 💚💙

  18. Brittany Brittany

    I’m sorry but how does it go from Darryinn not knowing this family, to Kameron only knowing him from school to Monica saying he stayed there sometimes. A BIG piece is missing here

  19. 😡😡😡

  20. Danny Timmons

    What we have here is a person that can not be fixed, in any shape or form.
    He should be incarcerated for the rest of his short life.

  21. Robin Gillespie

    I guess we should just use capital punishment against schizophrenia befor they murder and some of our children will be safe.

  22. Hate crime!

  23. 𝘽𝙡𝙞𝙯𝙚𝙮𝙚

    He's just a lil crazy nothing to see here. Not like our prisons actually rehabilitate anyone just gives them a safe place to sleep, regular meals and some activities to keep them occupied. Whether he goes to prison or a psych ward, he'll be the same person who killed a lil boy.

  24. Julie Granzow

    Oh! So he's off the hook.

  25. Anyone can say they have mental health- does not fly in my book! GUILTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. The child's name was Cash. Criminals know they're entitled to that.

  27. Sounds like the Chewbacca defense

  28. maureen mckillop

    His lawyer should should get the same sentence as this monster gets. It's amazing how lawyers manipulate the system.

  29. TheRedsofine

    Wow. Surprised that attorney didn’t yell racism.

  30. Why don't you state the attorneys name…

  31. He's literally guilty

  32. •Doki Doki• •Buzzie Club!•


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