New Attorney explains loophole in tenant, landlord lease agreement under emergency proclamation

The state’s eviction moratorium has been extended until June 8th. It stops landlords from evicting tenants who can’t pay their rent. But one expert explains there is what he calls a “loophole” that goes beyond the moratorium.


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  1. How about tenants that are criminals and use this to their advantage to go rent free

  2. Klaudia Ramirez

    Can this apply in Delaware?

  3. Judith Magill

    Will certain landlords ever stop looking for sneaky ways to evict their tenants? Of course there is honest & shady people on both sides, but landlords have ALWAYS had the upper hand, and now that they are under a Federal order, their greed goes into warp speed mode! Sure, go ahead and throw out tenants who are freeloaders and get destructive BUT when innocent people who are trying to get by ( and making a good faith effort to stay afloat in this nightmare pandemic ) are at the mercy of their landlord and STILL end up homeless, I cringe. Just where are these Scrooges going to find tenants to fill the vacancies when the vast majority of the workforce has had a severe loss of income? The stimulus checks may help, but not everyone gets them, and once you get months behind on rent, it is nearly impossible to get back on track. Good luck to the at risk tenants, and I really can't find the right words to convey my opinion regarding landlords, except this: "there but for the grace of god go I". No one forced you to be a property owner, but every human being has the basic right to shelter.

  4. Aaron Blount


  5. Aaron Blount

    There dirty and everyone knows it!

  6. Aaron Blount

    What about Poop holes?

  7. hapa-be niele

    You CANNOT keep deferring the inevitable forever. June 8th-SO WHAT, more to the point…*then WHAT?! Folk seem to think anyone/everyone who owns a rental don't also have mortgage on it to pay. Like they can "carry" it and whatever living situation they themselves occupy as well, with no job or hugely cut income(due to covi-19)-indefinitely?

  8. In New York, politicians and judges create grossly unfair housing laws in favor of tenants. It could take up to two years to evict a tenant. And with the Covid19 rent moratorium many working tenants have taken it upon themselves to stop paying.

  9. Whitetgre MTA

    I mean property owners can only screw the middle class so much until we wage war on them. You're done making millions off application fees property owners. During a time when people are suffering you're making hundreds of thousands off application fees. It's time you lost much more than just money. It's time you lost the ability to breath air.

  10. That's exactly what I'm doing now. Had I known of this before I would have done this 11 months ago. I honestly feel sorry for most people right now who have lost their jobs and can't pay rent but the dead beat living in our home lied in court about his eligibility requirements for staying in our home . He said he thinks it's funny to get one over on us but look who's laughing now.. he has also destroyed our home as well , looks like we might be sueing him in the same court he lied in for over $20 k.

  11. This is how our landlord evicted us back in Dec. Me, my husband, and my 3 children have been living in a hotel ever since.

  12. Low Key Sound System

    That happened to me. Our entire building got evicted in the middle of the pandemic, including the resident manager that lived there for 10+ years, so the new owners could renovate and raise the rent for new tenants.

  13. Donna Magistro

    Now, the tenants are the problem! Come on, let's get back on track people!!!
    Restaurants need workers but unemployment ins is just too good to take advantage of.

  14. chancen schutter

    We just fought of an eviction and we overheard or landlord tell her attorney we can only get them out if I sell the house or have family move in!!! There are some fuckn scumbags out there.

  15. I need three more stimulus checks because I only have 15 assault guns and 1500 rounds of ammunition.

  16. Trust me no pay go away

  17. Michael Jones

    I'll be back in Honolulu in about 14 years.

  18. We like a 4th stimulus already

  19. I know squatters than can pay rent.

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