New Attorney explains why a man on death row, who many believe is innocent, is "unquestionably" guilty

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“Inmate on Death Row: Review of the Evidence”
Dr. Phil delves into a murder that happened 21 years ago. Rob Will was 22 when he was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death 19 years ago for shooting and killing a 38-year-old Sheriff’s Deputy. But Rob denies he pulled the trigger — and claims that the state of Texas has the wrong guy sitting on death row. Both sides are talking: the prosecutor who says the right man is behind bars, and those who believe that ballistic evidence and the lack of DNA don’t lie. #DrPhil #Season19 (18097)

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  1. Wait can only people who are double jointed being there arms from behind to the front? I can do it supeeer easily and I’m double jointed so I neeed others to tell me <.<

  2. That is one of the many things that is going to sink Rob well he couldn't keep his story straight🤔

  3. Gun shot residue flies off your hands as you run now??? I think MANY experts would disagree.These lawyers are so unbelievable biased. They will twist any evidence they possibly can just to fit their narrative. Lawyers/The prosecution don't like to admit they were wrong, ever.

  4. Gsr, could have just flown off anywhere? Is this guy serious? That is not how gun shot residue works, it doesn't just blow completely clean off in the breeze. Better come up with a better explanation than that.

  5. It would be very interesting to see the panel of four behavior analysts go over a video of his police interview. They are pretty dead on at calling it correctly.

  6. Gun shot residue doesn't just fall off, if he bleached his clothes or hands it would be clear to see. Also residue would be on the car handle as well as the woman. The argument that it flew away cuz the guy was running!? Wtf

  7. Oh honestly, it’s always the first few hours of a video launching, that they have the lamest comment section, just because people are racing to write something because they’e early.

  8. i dont get why a persons story changing makes them guilty. i call bs.

  9. Weeeell…. I am a MASSIVE fan of putting the right one behind bars…. And I don´t give a s…t about this dude. BUT: That theory of the gun residues on his hands NOT being found because he "ran and moved his hands" sounds kinda shady to me… I mean, for someone being right next to the shooter, okay… But the shooter himself should have some "tattooed" residues right under the skin of his hands. Because the shot has such a massive impact that normally micro particles of the gun powder are kinda "tattoed" right into the skin. So: As long as they haven´t done a microscopical examination of that guys hands´ skin, I am not totally convinced he is guilty….
    In France, they set a dude free that was suspected of his wifes murder. He had gun powder particles on him, but they said this couldn´t only be from him doing the shot, but also because, I quote: "he went into the room where his wife committed suicide right after she shot, and the residues were all over the air/the atmosphere in the room, so that the particles landed on him".
    Uhm, okay…
    …they really should finally decide, on which theory they want to cling to…. Using powder residuals on the suspects as a proof seems to get less and less reliable….

  10. This is why we can't have nice things. 95% of these comments are either "first" or just random gobbledygook. They're gonna turn the comments off again… 😉