New Attorney general announces investigation into Minneapolis police

Former officer Derek Chauvin has been separated from other inmates for his safety as he awaits sentencing.

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  1. Maybe cops are in the wrong profession ,criminals are certainly leading the way these days

  2. Kerrie macon

    Sergeant Robert Justin Alford green at Nellis Air Force Base where is my daughter Jahmela and her 4 children and what have you done to them.

  3. Stanford Lee

    he needs to be shameful of what he did in society or any of the community. so that it comes much faster about the brighter future.

  4. Stanford Lee

    lawmaker must explore the people and leading to or heading to brighter person. not a stupidity person. and also the real man standing for a brighter future don't make that any of mangoes wrongful

  5. Maybe you guys should be investigating the attorney general

  6. psycobleach46 tullis

    Mike Ghibelline, democrats haven't done anything to the Mexicans, that would have been trump and his idiot people.

  7. Holocausticfumes

    It's going to be funny when these "News" people* are stacked like human logs on the roadside.

  8. Joey Anderson

    "We need to defund the police ppl can defend themselves"
    Later that day… "We need to disarm law abiding citizens, they can always  call the police" ~ Joe Biden

  9. And what does his brother say to the pregnant woman his brother assaulted during an armed robbery?

  10. Ryan Strasser

    Guards should have to be locked in the cells sometimes…so they can empathize with the inmates.

  11. HilarityBribo

    I say dismantle the police depts inside of demoncrat cities.
    Let's see how it goes.

  12. Donald umunawa

    We got too many corrupt politicians is the problem.

  13. Siberian Cajun

    The FBI can't even investigate themselves with integrity. The dislike button ratio says this story sucks.

  14. Garbage… it will start soon…

  15. Ever get the feeling you’re being lied to?

  16. Stick a fork in our country. We’re done.

  17. Evgeni Crosby

    These people love investigations. How’s that Robert Mueller Russia thing going?🤷🏻‍♂️

  18. Why is it racism to bring up the fact Floyd resisted arrest? He was already in the police cruiser and managed to fight his way out. Why is that not being said. ?

  19. Daniel Richter

    Another useless Biden appointment. Where is the investigation into hunter Biden.

  20. We're not in control at all anymore.

  21. Vegan For The Animals

    And now all the police quit for fear of accusations…

  22. Phony Political Grandstanding. Sacrificing the police as pawns in political gamesmanship.

  23. Hong Kong LeBron

    Next time you call the police and no one comes

  24. Just watch as Minneapolis crime SOARS, gangs and drug use control the streets and people have little to no future.
    They burned their city down already. While the “Floyd’s family” live in the life benefited off his death and never gave a damn about HIS addiction

  25. Let’s look for more ways to race bait says ABC news!

  26. The Attorney General should just instruct all BLM's in the US to not call the police ever – never call the police and then they won't have any issues!

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