New Attorney General William Barr: No widespread fraud

The attorney general says he found no evidence of election wrongdoing while President Donald Trump is reportedly considering pardons for family members.


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  1. thats because this pos didn't even look into it. ffs.

  2. sharon wysocki

    William Barr, what is going on? Were you threatened? Mark of the beast denying GOD and Jesus!!!!! Are you throwing us under the bus? We all trusted you! Think about what is best for your country! We all need religion and GOD! We must still get rid of the swamp! Are you part of the swamp? Trump will win! If he does not there will be chaos because all Trump votes will ask for a new vote! Which is legal! I am looking for a beautiful Christmas, are you? Jesus is Christmas! Are you with the new world UN? China will take away GOD from everyone! Can you carry that on your shoulders? Christens will go down like the Jewish with Hitler! I think I deserve an answer from someone. I think the world sees all the voting fraud we will be like China! How are your shoulders holding up? You know the fraud with voting. Please act now!!!!

  3. He's a Democratic puppet according to the cult Trump


    He's conscious
    Was draining he brains.

  5. Lionel Cross

    He said to date. Important context. Plus it’s a civil case not criminal. It’s not his jurisdiction

  6. Why can't the CCP fix Trump?

  7. Listen up Barney Rubble Barr!! Make Sidney Powell a Special Prosecutor NOW.

  8. Deaf an dumb

  9. Wow ,willfully blind

  10. Barr is batrayer to America and president Trump. Shame on how much he corrupted himseld to backstaffing America. He get salary every month and he has done nothing and sucking money which is paid by American people. Shame on him. I hope he step down from his position asap or arrest him and send him jail.

  11. They just want to cover big issue by covid. They can only things to do fake news… This is real news please watching till end

  12. José Almánzar

    Again cutting the videos to take out of context! Oh my God this is disgusting! How can you do that?

  13. José Almánzar

    Still believing in AP (Associated Press)? Didn't you know that the last press poll indicates that only 7% of journalists are republican and the rest 93% is democrat? There must be a change in the media in order to be again not so biased as it has become, worsened from decades until now.

    They took him out of context as always. OF COURSE THERE WAS NOT widespread fraud because Trump won in almost the entire country PLUS not in all states was Dominion certified to carry out the elections. For example, Texas since 2012 does not certify Dominion. Here is the map where Dominion is certified.

    I put it from the same Dominion page itselft:

    Scroll down, at the end you will see the map.

  14. Barr had a chance to save his ass. Too late, too bad.

  15. He said haven't found yet… Yet you leave that out

  16. DONALD T. not allowed in this old town:

  17. Someone please take Bills glasses off and clean them, then shove em up his ass, thats all the good they'll do.

  18. Mr Barr, you are fired…………….

  19. They bought you 2 right?!

  20. Yeah, not seen … maybe some looking would help ….

  21. Now that the Georgia videos are released, Barr should not be fired , he should be in jail.

  22. American Patriot

    We support you 100% President Trump !!! It must be very difficult to see and hear all of the satanic lies and disinformation being spewed out by the Lame Stream Media. It's really very sad and pathetic – although watching those complete idiots is very entertaining. They know the facts and the truth and are simply showing their growing desperation and fear! God's will in this election will prevail and the TRUTH will come out !!! When that happens, AND IT WILL, the rats (Democrats and Republicans) will abandon ship and claim their undying loyalty to President Trump. Perhaps we can deport them all to Venezuela ??? They can then vote on those Dominion machines until their hearts content !!! It won't make a difference in the outcome, but they can sure feel good about having voted and getting a little sticker !!! Hang in there President Trump, we are praying for you and your team !!! Amen !!!

  23. Durango McMurphy

    No widespread fraud , widespread organized crime .

  24. Attorney General sold out by the global left.
    Sellouts are going to be everywhere.

  25. nancy durrett

    what???????? no way how can he say this stuff

  26. johnson tulong

    If Pence had a pair,
    he could end this crap!!!!!

  27. Marty Whalen

    I believe there have been widespread election frogs, released nationally by a Democratic-leaning frog conspiracy to outnumber Republican frog populations. A non-partisan frog counting committee to determine if either party has released hundreds of thousands of frogs in an effort to skew the honest canvassing to accurately represent frog counts nationally. We have collected hundreds of affidavits that verify this international frogulant conspiracy.

  28. Think4urself

    Video from GA shows suitcases filled with ballots pulled from under a table AFTER poll workers left

  29. Knc Delivery

    Why is he speaking and not Barr Hmm 🤔 ya right fake news is speaking for the DOJ imagine that it better be true because down the road it could be a problem

  30. Ricardos Travels

    BREAKING: DOJ Statement Disputing the FAKE NEWS MEDIA (That is not what Barr stated "Media outlets have incorrectly reported that, and in fact the DOJ investigation of 2020 Election Fraud has not concluded"). ~Per CBS


    Daily reminder that ALL #CovidVaccine are still in early stages of clinical trials despite being licensed by Gov.

    For those taking the vaccine next week, at least be informed about the risks of vaccine injury

    I am thinking how quickly we have a vaccine for COVID /19 how convenient. Why are the top scientists and doctors having a problem finding a cure for cancer aids etc. they are s still doing researching for years The results are still the same Unsuccessful makes you think

    I would like to point out who cares you cant Believe everything you hear and see . Do we really know that there getting the vaccine its done in Front of a camera it could be vitamin c . And not the vaccine.
    It's all politics they all have an agenda. Better to wait a year I would like to point out who cares you cant Believe everything you hear, read ,see nobody know if the vaccine is safe. Everyone is just assuming using the public lap rats. I will sit back and see what happens after a year and just observe everything and do my research

  32. Barr bent to the pressure of the liberals infesting the DOJ

  33. John Stevens

    …that could overturn the election results… There was voter fraud, but it doesn't mean that Trump won the election. There is every reason to believe that some scapegoats will be found to prosecute for fraud, but the vast majority of irregularities will go unchallenged because so many hate Trump more than they love the Constitution, truth, and the rule of law.

  34. Hi ABC News leaders and followers, good morning. We all have one common enemy and that is Satan. Satan does not stop his efforts for the perdition of man. We have a huge spiritual battle right now communism, satanism, corruption, terrorism, idolatry of islamism, aetheism and etc. I encourage everyone to ask the help of St. Michael the Archangel he is a sure help in our daily personal battles and he is protector against an unhappy death. The St. Michael the Archangel prayer is prayed like this many times during the day. St. Michael the Archangel defend us in the battle , be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the devil.. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray. And do you, O prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God thrust into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen…I hope this helps..We can not afford the USA to become communist.. God who created the world and the owner the world is on our side ..we have to fight to the end and we will win…That is for sure

  35. Roger Nguyen

    Shame on Trump 😂😂😂😂
    You are fired 😂😂😂😂😂
    Jail is ready to receive you
    BunkerBaby…you are the dumpster

  36. Cánh Thép Channel

    Barr! you are fired and disgraceful. Barr has not done his job very well. We have got to stand our ground, We can't let them get away with this. The EVIL is so huge, those who choose to ignore these allegations are just as GUILTY. It is all TREASON.

  37. bendoi namsao

    The miscreant grenade unprecedentedly agree because veterinarian certainly close lest a abstracted bra. powerful, plain hail

  38. Natural Technologist

    Denying voter fraud testimonials the right to due process is Communist/Terrorism at it's finest. Anyone who complains/blames/shames any witnesses are either very ignorant or communist. Anyone who believes there is no possibility that William Barr or anyone else in the highest office of the DOJ, the FBI or anyone else cannot be bribed or bought in any way is very ignorant to say the least.

  39. sobreviviente 1

    Barr is only made this statement because he's been told to do it by the RNC or his other bosses.
    This is because the Rumpits in Georgia are not going to vote in the run-off because the Rump has convinced them that the election was a fraud and now they say 'what is the point of voting in a fixed election".
    Therefore he is being used to quell the flames of doubt.

  40. Why don’t you report the whole story

  41. Jaime Garcia

    Why the change of heart, Porky?

  42. Tuhin bdnews

    আমি একজন নতুন ইউটিউবার, সবাইকে আমার পাশে থাকার জন্য অনুরোধ করছিhgfff

  43. Virta Woodard

    Glad he told the American people the truth about the system they use he know he was fired when he said it because that's what Trump do you get fired when you don't obey him

  44. Matthias Rosin

    What Barr said, truth unexpected:
    Insufficient fraud was detected.  
    Trump should not be astounded,  
    If fraud claims were founded
    Trump would have been re-elected

  45. to see a long line of people In orange jumpsuits being dragged where they didn't want to go? could just be a dream.

  46. megreen lock

    So how you explain a not register extra vote come out from nowhere, and still counted in voting number, an extra vote not 100,200 but 70000 thousand in many states, if not fraud then what is this

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