New Attorney General William Barr Stuns With Comments On Racism

Attorney General William Barr said he knows of statistics that show Black people being repeatedly treated differently than white people, but said, “I don’t think that that’s necessarily racism.”

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  1. Shameful!
    The Royal family had been racist for centuries. It is ridiculous to think that this is a single incident.

    William- your Family and Country's "History" … in Europe and Africa…begs to differ.

    England and its Royal Family have desecrated Africa and Blacks for centuries!

  2. Topher Kelly

    Toadyism at its finest.. he set a precedent then he quits.. He's one of the biggest racists..

  3. Jerel Kenworthy

    Barr is a disgrace. The man did absolutely nothing in office but run scared. He'll likely go down as the worst Attorney General ever. A coward that should have indicted the Clintons.

  4. Casper cash Fun bucket

    Give the whole interviews cause that’s not what he ment and you know it

  5. We all have to love fake news.

  6. Lupita Garcia

    billy strings


    "Yes, I think the wall was green, but I dont necessarily think that its green"

  8. Val McFamily

    Thank you Barr! I agree 💯 with Barr

  9. Clarence Pratt

    That's why America is so unamerican cause of brainless clueless crooked dishonest corrupt so called leaders like trump and corrupt a g barr. What a sight he is and no wonder america is burning is cause of the classless leadership from the White House. Trump is a clown who has no business being in the White House to begin with. And everyone who works for him should be ashamed for enabling a proven liar and believing in a racist biased loser like the trump family . It's sad to see a bunch of liars and racist run america . No wonder theres si much fighting amongst the americans is cause of trumps failures and racist ideas and all the pathetic kkk abd there disgusting familys realize they cant take over. They thought they were gonna buy not.

  10. stanich jones

    Bart correct as usual

  11. Anthony Perez

    Democrats….when they aren't killing kids, they're molesting them. Every one of Epsteins pals is a Biden supporter. Enjoy voting for a dementia ridden puppet for pedos. You all probably already know that but orange man scary, right?

  12. What about the anonymous reporter that has proof Biden had sex with 2 under age girls when he was vice president.

  13. Chuck Schenck

    True Story….. I drove long haul years back I'm a white 6 pack Joe went to pick up a load of catfish southern Mississippi . Went to piss and one big black man orderd my ass out. All white management said we have our own restroom. My truck getting the load went to a fast chicken house for food . I was the only white man in their wouldn't serve me. I looked around non would look me in the eyes . Racism is blown up , a word to kick around, stir up dust. I walked out of that chicken hut anger under control . We all have racism but we keep it under control better than others .

  14. Brad Patterson

    False stastic that black man get killed by police more than whites

  15. I love how Blitzer said here at CNN we’re Fair and balanced and Barr Laughs.

  16. Please Bill Barr lies, he is lying when he does that rapid two eyelid blink. Just shameful.
    Watch lol.

  17. Dr Chunky Biscuit

    Oh look, more .lies from Huffington Post. What a surprise!! 🙄

  18. Benjamin Scherrey

    What Barr says is perfectly reasonable and correct. How Huffington Post tries to cut it up and reorient it is typical of their dishonest and fraudulent "reporting".

  19. Wonder what the world would be like without msm, think im about yo find out……….💤 😴

  20. So he stunned them with the truth?

  21. Dawn Oceanside

    Silence IS Complicity!


    BTW, to any curious people, pick up a book written by his father. They're hard to find as this sleazebag is clearly trying to get rid of them to rewrite history, but on the Left we have them.

    His father's books tell you all you need to know about his upbringing.


    I didn't need this video to understand the AGs affinity towards racists. Or that he tells lies (the things he "forgot" the many times hes been questioned officially).

    He would be prosecuting people who committed hateful or terrorist acts if he were interested in more than helping with cover ups for this Administration.

  24. Kelly Hickman

    He tells the truth. There is more to it than black or white. It is good cop versus bad. It is what is the rap sheet on the criminal. It is what the supposed perpetrators and police perceives and how they act on it. It is how to remain calm in a terrifying situation. It is determined by where you are at that time. More citizens need to participate in police training for the community to see it is not black and white.

  25. Systemic racism is a.myth and there are no statistics to back it up or prove it.

  26. jeannine grant

    Such B.S. BARR IS A RAcists

  27. Just like you know Trump friends and family are criminals but to keep your job you compromised all your morals and values also the integrity of the law and constitution is for sale as a AG your slime and matching jumpsuits are in your futures…

  28. Yea good job doing sounds bites of half truths and spreading propaganda. The American people are to smart and see through this garbage. Trump 2020

  29. AG Barr is spot on the money in his comments. Obvious to all but the race peddling identity politics leftists.

  30. Frances ann Simien

    I bet he didn't say anything to upset.the man that got all of they balls he's Trump attorney not the white house

  31. Blitzer wanted to hear what Blitzer wanted to hear. Was so scripted.

  32. Warren Hague

    Maybe cnn should look up the word phenomenon

  33. One great thing you can rely on from huff post is the first thing huff post will notice in any story is what race were the people inside the story it's good to know that huffpo is always noticing race right off the bat. I mean am I Christian clean up bringing I was always taught that there's only one race just the human race. However it seems huffpo and every Democrat leaning media Outlet wants us to think differently about that. I guess the Democrat Party is just wholly committed to always being the party of race. The first Republican president was Lincoln the Republican Party has its roots in the Abolitionist Movement. Are college professors who have not researched their words carefully like tell us that the parties switched but the parties didn't switch. The segregationist Who Joe Biden is so proud of being able to work with you can look up his words on those remarks was a Democrat back then is a Democrat still Bill and Hillary Clinton spoke at the eulogy of a former KKK member he never switched parties neither did they. And in modern times instead of looking and seeing a human being the Democrat Party sees race and groups. I know many of you reading these comments will probably just say this guy's crazy he's wrong but if you actually do the research you'll be surprised what you find out. But even Democrat and Republican is not a good way to look at America's political culture what we really need to recognize is there is a ruling class and the rest of us. Democrats and Republicans both make up the ruling class back by incredibly powerful and incredibly wealthy people. In fact more and more these days I'm convinced that the more the media is attacking someone that's probably a good thing since all of our media Outlets are owned by incredibly rich incredibly powerful members of the ruling class which have dozens upon dozens a politician's dipping in their pockets. If the media today is attacking you you're probably not working on behalf of the ruling class and you're probably working for the American people.

  34. Brandon Brown

    Polices areas with more crime. How racist.

  35. Democrats lie like their father the 😈 devil

  36. Bernardo Anabainōn

    If only Joseph & Jossline Roland, who was shot to death by Kyree Brown would have been more suspicious of their killer. Since they had Biden Harris bumper stickers I suppose they thought Kyree Brown would never hurt them. their lack of suspicion has now caused their five children to be orphans. But at least they died knowing that they didn't act racist by not trusting their killer. BLM !

  37. A bareface lying arse kissing racists crook, king pin to the son of a grand master to the KKK that is totally ignorant to the true history of the land we know as America a member of the destruction team determing to bring the country to its knees, the world will witness such a blood bath caused by these fools placed in the White House by fools on "either sides".

  38. Rotulino Rolon

    A white guy saying it is not racism it is a fish saying water is not wet

  39. These are the comments you get when Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble run the White House.

  40. I worry anti-racism could lead us back to segregation.

  41. Suggested reading: Black labor White wealth, by Dr Claude Anderson. This book will give everyone a different perspective on "race" in America.

  42. Bill Barr is as sleazy as they come.

  43. SpiritHeart49

    Nice chop job. How about full content? Police are forced to treat black people differently because too many of them resist arrest or refuse orders. That calls for extra caution in any color.

  44. Shame on Huffington Post for manipulating the narrative for their audiences applause. This is garbage.

  45. hermand. adams

    America's a dangerous joke a laughing stock the world over for f__ks sake wake up and stop the deluded middle class immature fake weasels from self destroying your your country from within you must stop them dead in November support your president or the US is done as a democracy, it will go down in history as a failed state if you hand it over to the lunatics

  46. Drogyn Turalyon

    Its not automatically racism, apparently huffpo doesn't know what racism is

  47. Don't like interactions with cops?

    Don't do things that cause them.

    Typical Leftist blame shifting.

  48. Luke Jennings

    He is absolutely correct, AG Barr, he is a great lawyer.

  49. john e Lawler

    if it's not racism then what is it? the man is a blatant racist

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