New Attorney Hogan Argues Why Crypto Exchanges Should Re-List XRP. #RelistXRP

In today’s Legal Briefs, attorney Jeremy Hogan makes summary judgment argument to the crypto exchanges as to why they should re-list the XRP crypto-currency. Stay tuned until the end as there is a surprise as to which exchange is already set-up to trade XRP even IF it is a security.

Disclaimer: Do not take anything in this video as legal advice or legal opinions. This is a lawyer on YouTube trying to make a two hour argument into ten minutes!


SEC vs. Ripple Hearing Transcript:

Deaton vs. SEC, Respondent’s Motion to Dismiss:

SEC vs. Ripple Amended Complaint:

SEC Alternative Trading System List



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  3. Coinbase relist XRP!

  4. xrp is not good Klauss shwabb and IMF want it to control people. and xlm is with WEF too

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  7. Not only that, but blockchain auditing has become a big business! Billions of dollars is being invested in companies that have developed cutting-edge tracking tools.

  8. SEC now doing the same thing to LIBRARY (LBRY). I think their case is much weaker than the XRP one – and with this latest case, it seems like they are trying to make an example out of a crypto company.

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