New Attorney John Deaton looks at Spend The Bits for SEC v Ripple Judge to see Independent XRP Utility

Melten Demirors (Chief Strategy Officer, CoinShares) and Nic Carter (Author, Coindesk) on Layer 2’s on Bitcoin Network.

In this video, Andreas explains how to use to see activation signaling in real time. Follow along, listen, and learn.

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  1. Melissa Davis

    The Crypto market is now going back up. it's good but I'm hoping it's stays down so we can buy low and sell high.

  2. Good stuff. The thumbnail often covers important data. We need to find a place for it

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    When will it be available in US? Im in new york it says not available in my region yet

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    Always love listening to your videos Eri! Your kind, positive and respectful presentation style of laying out the facts is always refreshing. Keep up the hard work and thanks for sharing.

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    Loved this one! XRP has the Shinobi spirit!

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    Ms. Eri, you gotta stop destroying these little companies like that. You just ruthlessly disassembled lightening network 😂

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    Great information 👍

  12. Ivo Blazevic

    Please look at 7:55 min, this micro gesture means "not sure" if the spoked words are true. LOL

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    Seems to me it would be easier to just use XRP. But what do I know?!?!

  16. Spyder Crypto

    Hola Hola Eri! You are the best! Always high quality contents.

  17. A Gift of 360

    Luv the contents. XRP ledger seemed so amazing. Can't wait to see FLR comes online soon.
    So excited! Thank you.

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    Am I the only one that sees how much I will appreciate my own patience in this market? Worth the wait!

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    Thanks Eri

  29. Kevin Campbell

    Just wanted to let you know how cool 'the fluff' is. My 12-year-old is learning about cryptocurrency because he really got into a few of your fluff pieces…we had to order a few cherry blossom-themed things. And now, I apparently "need to take him to Japan once XRP blows up."

    Keep up the good work and thanks!

  30. jescamilla38

    Good morning Eri from Dallas Tx. !!! Love your content!!! I truly enjoy watching your videos you always have something new and I love information!!! Thank you!!!

  31. Craig Heaton

    ninja chib

  32. Eri, question, how does XRP renew when it's all burned up?

  33. I tune in for the XRP headlines….but I stick around for the Fluff ! Thanks Eri !!!

  34. Thanks Eri for your very informative updates on cryptos and especially XRP.

  35. Justice Y F Opoku

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  36. XRP 100x is coming !

  37. Thank you, Eri. That was great. However, I did heave slightly with the sight of the infamous Laura Chin on screen. How easy is it to remove egg off your face with your hands tied behind your back? 😉

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  40. Investing is how you create wealth,I started investing from pandemic crash👍

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  43. Eri thats the point! Not having 1 person in charge is the idea, its the only true decentralized coin. Xrp is not for the people, its a bankers coin! Look how ripple has screwed xrp holders Brad dumping his xrp while saying he is long xrp!!! We all need BTC to win. If it doesn't well great we will get CBDC which is controlled by the same institutions that have been screwing us for ever!!!!

  44. TheIcecoldorange

    lightning network has been around for around 3 years. I wouldn't call that "infancy" in the crypto space. Crypto is very alive and paces quickly. You don't have that much time to build and deliver tangible results. I think this bull cycle is all about UTILITY. Most of the coins that have recently mooned with the exception of doge have done so because they are projects that delivered tangible, humanly usable products. Lightning network has had 3 years but sees absolutely no usage, meaning it has no utility. Sending btc is still slow and expensive. LN had a chance to prove itself. It didn't do that. I don't like ethereum but at least ethereum has spawned useful projects being built on top of it that has delivered products with real world value. Honestly, you bringing up LN is a stark reminder on how pathetically dated in development and product BTC is in the grand scope of the crypto sphere.

    The only thing BTC is good for is the branding. It attracts newcomers because it is comfortable and familiar. That's it. That's not really revolutionary at all. That's just marketing. BTC isn't about tech, it's all marketing.

  45. Why would John Deaton give away such a good argument on twitter?? Now he is giving the SEC time to prepare a counter argument. I don't think its smart

  46. Morning everybody from UK. After Eri videos usually I am doing my DD and she is 100 percent right about every word…thank you.

  47. Paoulo Hugos

    That would be the final nail in the coffin as soon as BTC starts to use the XRPL.

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