New Attorney Lee Hutton offers insights on sentencing for Derek Chauvin

The former Minneapolis officer waived his right for the jury to decide how much time he will serve in prison, instead Judge Peter Cahill will decide the length of …


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  1. 27 yrs for each plea for oxygen.

  2. Yesterday was a sad day for America.

  3. Tainted jury

  4. Anyone who has a problem with the verdict after the jury has deliberated is a threat to America and themselves

  5. Finally, a case that establishes that police do not have the right to maliciously murder citizens!

  6. John Froelich

    You want some IRONY? Attorney Nelson has an undergrad degree in history. Now hes a PART if it!

  7. Christopher Columbia

    Why does it take 8 weeks to sentence?

  8. CTemptation H

    Chauvin needs to be sentenced some years, not months!

  9. Is this still Amerikkka? I thought we HeLd BlAcK pEoPle BaCk ¿!

  10. George Floyd


  11. Judge Cahill has done an excellent job, impressive from the moment the trial started he was amazing in his dealings with both the prosecution and defense 👏

  12. Now that the police officer has been found guilty as he should’ve been. A man or a woman if you are being arrested get in the police car. Don’t be a little baby like George Floyd was and throw a tantrum. You’re more than likely committed a crime and you are going to jail.

  13. ShareThisFastDOTcom

    Is there one schmuck in any way associated with a single thing shown to us in this mock trial or mock killing who isn't an actor?

  14. Mob rule now influences jury verdicts! Adios USA

  15. Did he say number of months he will be serving?

  16. Tony Castellano

    Judge Cahill did an excellent job maintaining fair and impartial proceedings.

  17. If you think justice was seved think of the police they will worry about making a decision if someone resits arest derek did nothing wrong in my opinion if the criminal did what he was told he might still be alive today and the same go's for most of the other scumbags that died fighting with the police we must support the police if we want them to protect desent people

  18. Andrew Allen

    In the meantime Derek Chauvin needs to be released into the general population in Hennepin County Jail, so we can see how a racist lives among people of color with out side arms, pepper spray, night sticks, shot guns, a police badge, etc.

  19. BLM Activist Sarah

    Justice was served today but sadly it just isn’t enough.

  20. casanova07scrr

    Excelent lawyer

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