New Attorney Moves To Farming Community And Angers His Neighbors & Pays For It r/MaliciousCompliance

r/AITA in today’s reddit story, an attorney moves into a close-knit farming community. When he moves in one of the dairy farmers comes over to talk bout an agreement he had with the previous neighbor. Attorney disrespect dairy farmer and ends up paying for his mistake.

#redditfarmer #redditmaliciouscompliance #redditrevenge

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18:20 Story 4

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  1. Carl Sylvester

    Just go to work and puke on the carpet. Office has to be closed until steam cleaning and sanitizing can be done.

  2. Lauren Mentink

    Story 4 = Same thing happened to my coworker at a Call Center we both worked. She had mono (kissing disease). Highly contagious. She had to drive 1 1/2 hours one way to get to work. She called in sick and was told that she HAD to come in anyway. When our coach and the coach's boss found out they went ballistic on the woman who ordered my coworker to come in. Coworker refused to go home and stated that she would come in for all her shifts that week. I fortunately did not sit anywhere near her.

  3. Lauren Mentink

    Story 2 is 🤣🤣🤣🤣!

  4. DaWhiteWolffie

    And this is why people hate lawyers. Baaahahahaa!

  5. Guess he wasn't THAT good of an attorney if he couldn't be bothered to do due diligence and research local land laws.

  6. Skyler Sorum

    She should’ve made a report when she got to New York saying that she hasn’t had her mandated rest. My mom is a flight attendant for used to be continental now united and I’ve heard many stories where they literally tell her to go home/give her an layover/or call someone else on and let her deadhead home(meaning if they have a sit in the seat or if there is an extra jump set she sit there) because they fly into my state or another state and that flight is delayed and they know that when she lands it’s gonna be past her time. Yes the story was hilarious but they really should’ve covered their butts because she could’ve gone and reported this after the fact.

  7. didyasaysomethin2me

    Story 2: If her father held a high enough position to be a deterrent to the airline firing her, how is it that he lacked the influence to also blow the whistle on them for putting her certifications at risk? What reason did he have at that point not to go balls to the wall to make sure she was never put in that position again?

  8. Jennifer Kay

    The attorney was an idiot! 😂

  9. Amethyst Anne

    $40,000 per year in property taxes…..WOW! My parents lived in Hunterdon County New Jersey, U.S. They lived in a 3 bedroom/1 full bath/ full attic/ full basement 1950’s one story ranch style on 1/4 acre lot. Their property taxes was $8400.00/ year ($2100 paid quarterly).

    ETA: After thinking about it……I wonder if this lawyer lived in the same area as my parents. During my lifetime, Hunterdon County went from just plain regular folks descended from those who came over in the 1600’s/1700’s(a great number of farming families) to becoming the suburbs of NYC that slowly encroached westward.

  10. Story 4
    I heard that a family couldn't collect the life insurance policy from one of the members because he didn't call out. He didn't call out because he died 3 days prior.

  11. Max Robertson

    90% sure the first story is in Vermont. We had that exact situation (not me but my friends)

  12. Haha now lawyer can sell it to a developer:)

  13. Got to love these redditors. Op post to story and instead they attack his language and his use of English

  14. Flashing Unicorn Cupcake Kisses

    LOL HR hahaha my HR wasn't even in the same city. Lol 😆 they made my life hell when I was trying to reduce my hours to take time of for chronic pain issues eventually make me quit. HR more like the 😈

  15. Story 2 I’m not very impressed. How is making people feel scared funny? It really doesn’t matter if they were all rich (which OP’s wife could never know) A fear of flying isn’t funny and to do that to all those people because you’re tired? Tut tut

  16. Seriously this type of farmyard story and making comments on them led me down a very fun road. So go ahead team Mark Narration enjoy the where this leads! ♡

  17. HollyAndMistletoe

    Now I want to watch Airport 77 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  18. Today it could be Snakes on a Plane ✈️

  19. Heather Eldridge

    I worked for a restaurant when I was like 21. On Super Bowl Sunday I woke up with a debilitating migraine. I couldn't see straight, my eyes were swollen shut and I was getting sick. My boss told me to come in or I was fired. I had to walk 2 miles to get there. It was cold, there was snow and ice on the ground, and the sun was shining brightly and reflecting off the snow. By the time I got to work, I looked like death was stalking me. So in our pre-shift meeting, I stood right next to the manager. I could feel it coming. I got sick, ALL OVER HIM!! He sent me home.

  20. Bonnita Claus

    In the 1700’s. A school teacher decided this is a new country, we are not a colony of England. So he set about writing a dictionary, changing spelling/pronunciation of words. He really is the blame for screwing it all up.

  21. Bonnita Claus

    My late husband before I knew him, bought himself a small farm across the river in Wisconsin. He commuted between Wisconsin and Minneapolis Minnesota. There was some 50 acres of land with a sizable wooded area on the side of a large hill. He did some fencing repairs, and put his horses on the property. Then he returned to his normal routine going back-and-forth after he had settled in. A few weeks later he came home and there was a small herd of cattle on his property. The number of head of cattle was perfect for what the land could handle.
    He went around to all the farmers in the area and ask for the missing cattle showing them a picture. Then went into the town and placed an ad in the paper that there were cattle that did not belong on him grazing his property. He wanted the owner to step forth. No one claimed the cattle as theirs. He also talk to the police in the area. The summer went beautifully, he had the vet out to check the cattle see their health. And fall approached he started graining the cattle preparing them for market.

    The day came here quired about cattle trucks and checked into the local cattle auction house. Stay is one neighbor appeared at his door saying those are his cattle he cannot sell them. This was a very first farmer that he went to in the most logical one because it ordered his property. He asked for proof of the bloodline. Just shocked the farmer. Then my late husband produced the receipts of all the money he spent on the cattle. He also produced an estimation of the time he spent taking care of the cattle. He re-searched and found out what is the going rate for grazing per head charge by other farmers. He presented this all to the farmer plus A percentage for his wages for the time that he spent taking care of the cattle. The farmer was furious throwing a tantrum. Husband told him that his grandfather practically raised him on his ranch, and had hopes that he would take over the ramp someday. He knew what he was talking about. The old farmer was quiet.

    Who won in the community knew that he worked in Minneapolis in an office. They assumed he grew up in the city. They assumed he was just one of those people that was a farmer want to be. No one suspected, that he understood cattle and was raised from the time of being a baby around cattle. Nor that he knew the laws and the value of the land.

    Farmer got his cattle back, and had to pay him all of his expenses, And grazing rights per head, plus his labor in caring for the cattle. The next year, he put his own cattle on his own property. Letting the locals know that he had made arrangements for cattle the year before, but finding cattle on his property he didn’t have any choice.

  22. British and American English are different as are various dialects all over the UK, US, Canada, Australia and NZ. Some are barely understandable. For example, Newfoundland English is totally unintelligible to most English speakers.

  23. dragonrider1549

    It’s moments like the second story that really make me wonder how different I see the world from other people, because that movie while on a flight wouldn’t have bothered me. Like, at all. It’s a movie, not a recording of the current plane ride. Hell, I’d even watch the first Final Destination on a plane.

  24. eric stoepker

    That's why people love lawyers so much, right up there with car salesmen. Why do lawyers wear ties? To stop the foreskin from rolling over their face. Not all of them but this guy for sure, he's so smart he's stupid.

  25. Story 2, thats like playing the movie titanic on a cruise ship.

  26. LadyCardamonfly

    I live in the country on 13 acres of land sharing a small lake with the neighboring land. We had a neighbor buy the lot next to us. He was going to get cattle. No problem for us we like cows. The problem came when he put a fence in. The entire fence was three feet onto our land. Once the fence was almost done he came to our house to talk to us. He wanted to keep the fence where it was and tried to convince us it was a good idea. He even tried to offer us money. We refused and asked the fence be moved. He did move it but decided to ask us if he could graze his cattle on the lower part of the property so his cattle could have more access to water. He already had lake access. We said no. Two years later and he sold his cows and is trying to sell his property.

  27. Story 1 lmao. I gotta agree that was particularly unfair, but at the same time, demanding 50% plus cash rent when he’s doing no labor was ludicrous.

  28. Mike Ziegler

    I'm a little surprised that they were able to switch the zoning to residential just because it wasn't being actively farmed. It sounds as if there might have been some vindictive action going on behind the scenes on that aspect. Maybe the local farmers include some friends in local government?

  29. Tamsin Moore

    Apologies, I had to bail. It's not you, it's me to. Totally support you. Txxx

  30. animefallenangel

    Story 4 reminds me of when I worked in a supermarket. I had been throwing up all day thanks to food poisoning and called in sick. The calls always go to the HR department rather than our direct supervisors, and when I told the HR woman I was suffering from food poisoning, she asked when the last time I threw up was (it was slowing down by this point, so last throw up was an hour or two ago). Since they expected you to call in a minimum 6 hours prior to your shift starting, and I missed that window, she told me to come in anyway, especially since it was a short evening shift I'd be covering.

    I get into work and as soon as I faced my supervisors for the evening, they both stopped me and basically told me I looked like death. I mention that I had food poisoning and had only just stopped throwing up that afternoon and they look horrified. There was a lot of staff on that evening and as I was a cashier (and therefore more transferable to other departments), the HR woman had recommended to them prior to my shift to put me ON THE SALAD/DELI COUNTER. They vetoed that straight away and my dad had to come back and pick me up so that I didn't risk anymore spread.

    HR woman did throw me a nasty look the next time I saw her later that week.

  31. AsrielTheUndying

    british english and american english are same in alot of ways but also different

  32. That story about the argument over a fence reminds me of the Nightmare Neighbours program we get here in the U.K. Sometimes someone will build a conservatory or a fence & the neighbours wouldn't like it & end up in court over it. So Rule of Thumb: Don't piss off your neighbours. 👍

  33. Genesis Short

    I got pneumonia a few days after starting a new job. It isn't contagious but I was extremely sick and very much not fit to be at work. I was less than 2 weeks into a 6 week training class and if I missed 2 days, I'd be fired. So I went into work with a high fever, barely breathing, and half asleep. I got called to HR and they told me "you need to go home we can't have you here like this". So I did but I went back the next day and kept working all through it. Ended up working there 4 years and having pneumonia 3 more times during my time there. But it was actually the best job I ever had. They were truly a wonderful company.

  34. Having recently watched Final Destination for the first time that airplane story hits different…imagine putting that one on lol

  35. 1: Stuff like this is why people don't like lawyers.

    2: LOL I'd have gone with "Final Destination", myself. Or maybe "Snakes on a Plane". That FA is an absolute LEGEND.

    3: Good on OP for warning prospective tenants about the quality of the flats.

    4: Oh, god, gastro illnesses are the worst. This is when you just go into the office, vomit on the boss' desk, and walk out.

  36. Jessilyn Gray

    The last story…I was in college and working as a server. I got sick like in the er and then admitted into the hospital sick. I called my boss and left a message saying I was in the hospital. She said you better be in tomorrow. Well I was admitted and called when I know she would be there the next day and said I was admitted into the hospital. She told me to stop laying and I better be in when I was scheduled. I said I'm in the hospital call the hospital ask for room number (I forget) I hung up, turned off my cell phone and went back to sleep. An hour after I was supposed to be at work the phone in my room rings. It was my boss needless so say when I answered she was like okay then I need a doctor's note. I said no problem but I had already called the district manager and HR.

  37. I am guessing the airline is Aerolineas Argentina or Avianca.

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