New Attorney Ronald Richards to find Erika's assets! Gizelle & Wendy RHOP feud heats up + Jill RHONY

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Attorney Ronald Richards to find Erika’s assets! Gizelle & Wendy RHOP feud heats up + Jill RHONY
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  1. Where is Freddie? Is he still coming on with Ronald Richards. Without him you wouldn't have access to the wonderful Mr Richards..

  2. Sharrell when you said about Ronald finding assets of Erica..that evil laugh cracked me up!!! 🤣🥳.Jill said that was self explanatory..wasn't difficult to figure out

  3. If the attorney Richards is hired, does that mean he can't talk on shows like this ? Hmmm, think Ericas team would like that.

  4. Seriously beautiful, what is your obsession with Wendy Williams the queen has her issues as we all do but she is going to be fine! She is perfect the way she is duh? she's a survivor & people love her ( she loves herself) you just seem to be somehow obsessed with complaining about her demamding she be cancelled for mental health reasons etc etc and to no Avail I might add. Yes she is a lot and so are you, I am a nobody. I'm unsubscribing right now. My guess ur dying fot her to memtion your name on Hot Topics nvr evr gonna happen. So what btw wendy can and will say whatever she wants n thts why we tune in. Yes! Tune in to her television show something u will spend ur lonley nights dreaming of

  5. Jill Zarin was just trying to get her followers excited for her. I hope she makes it either back on RHONYC or HW-All Stars. Someone said she wasn't even asked to participate in "RH-All Stars" so down a rabbit hole I go to find out lol. She did give Andy the business lol she can't help it. He's got it coming from some of these ladies too though. Lol, I love it! Great episode Sharell's World. You are my favorite hands down! Keep up the good work and thank you for keeping us informed!

  6. I didn't realize Richards represented Russell Armstrong (prior to Armstong's suicide); he has quite a long term connection to RHOBH, interesting.

  7. So what did Wendy Osefo say about Robin Dixon?? Did I miss something????

  8. I don’t like Gizzy Neck or Wendy. Truth is, both Gizzard Neck and Wendy need storylines, esp. Gizzy. She NEVER has a storyline that is genuinely about herself! Off with her head! 😂

  9. Ronald Richards will leave no stone unturned! I think Gizelle did the video laying down so her neck wouldn't gobble🦃

  10. Well while you fighting Robin's battle's you better find a man and a storyline.

  11. Wise Wendy…don't you know the story about the nice girl that finds the rattle snake and nurses it back to health?!? 😂😂😂 Guess who the snake is 😂😂 degrees won't help you with a rattle snake…why you so surprised she bit you 😂😂😂😂

  12. Has Erika been buying the same youth treatment as Sandra Bullock on Ellyn show or Steve Harvey' was talking about…Foreskin from a baby from a land far far away….as in Adrenochrome….trafficked children

  13. I'd be so out of the loop,if it wasn't for your channel, I'm in london so behind here.

  14. Well her u tube videos alone will give him lots to go on. Like when she traveled almost around the world to get her Cartier ring? Which supposedly is worth more than an expensive car. So I asked you to set the travel expenses count? I would think so. Look up all her little YouTube's with Vanity Fair Glamour magazine bragging bragging bragging on then more bragging. There's tons. Cannot wait

  15. Wendy doesn't know how to fight back???? HAVE YOU BEEN PAYING ATTENTION???

  16. We need to have a watch party with Ronald Richards when RHOBH comes on! 😀

  17. pay back is a bitch isn't' it… Wendy and Gezelle can both fight their way out