New Attorney Says Current Whereabouts Of Brian Laundrie, Gabby Petito's Fiancé, Are Unknown

Nearly a week has passed since Gabby Petito’s family reported her missing, but her whereabouts remain a mystery Friday, and now, her fiancé’s whereabouts are also unknown; CBS2’s Carolyn Gusoff reports.


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  1. He dipped

  2. How could you not keep surveillance on him?

  3. simon peggboard

    He made a phone call to a vaccum cleaner repair shop to get 'an adapter for a hoover max-extract pressure-pro model 60' 😉

  4. He wants to die with Gabby. He is on his way to see her. Follow him and you will find Gabby.

  5. I dont think iv ever seen as many terrorist threats or inciting of violence in comments more then this case people are losing their mind over it seems like they told us the guy split just to enrage the mob….

  6. he still broke no laws and there is still no evidence of a crime.. so why are we looking for him ? i think that called harassment.. lol

  7. this wouldn't have happened if she was dating a minority

  8. Renato Cortez

    It’s crazy how they didn’t bring him in. Let him go in the run without anything and the chief police officer think it’s ok. That guy should be fired. Everyone knows you might not have to answers questions but you can enforce letter of the law.

  9. One idea, she's bi-polar or manic or something. They got into a fight and she runs off with another guy in front of his face, to spite. He says fuck it, and leaves. But even in that situation, he would've called somebody on that drive from Utah to Fl right? Perhaps even Gabby's mom to tell her that her daughter needs help…or something.

  10. Austin Miller

    Police moved him to a secure location for his own safety until something further happens in the investigation.

  11. Patty Grimsley

    Brian’s silence and his disappearance is likely to buy time. The more time that passes, the less likely the chance of finding Gabby, and his family is helping him do this.

  12. Paula Irureta

    The last time she was seen by police it was domestic violence, he got pulled over cus she grabbed the wheel while he was driving that endangered both their lives It was just a toxic/violent relationship, he locked himself in the car and wouldn’t let her in till she calmed down that to me says she was probably crazy and he was scared of her.

    I’m trying to think if my son were to come home distraught because of a situation As his mother I would want to listen and try to understand help him through it. If it were evil murder I would turn him in myself.. but what if he told me.. “mom she was hitting me, my life was threatened I reacted not realizing my strength I went too far I didn’t mean for her to die I just wanted her to stop” what if it was a self defense accident and the parents know he’s going to jail or he wants to kill himself they’re probably suffering too knowing they’re losing their son too trying to have more time with their son.. now he’s missing he’s probably going to kill himself.. it sounds horrible I just keep thinking of all the posibilites and this one just won’t get out my head. What a sad sad situation

  13. Clayann Said

    His parents are frustrated, he's probably at his sister's house 🏠

  14. It’s a long shot but what if the pair decided to get publicity for the failing YouTube Channel. Now they definitely have publicity they might pop out any time.
    Or. He killed her now gone to kill him self in remote location and we will never know

  15. He's disappeared ,now its time to get him in custody charge him federal an charge the parents no more playing because the police can make him talk an if he don't talk they can hold him in custody until he do.

  16. 😂 White privilege gone WRONG 🤣

  17. Scotty secretly loves Chryslers

    Hope this isn’t a scam for more followers

  18. Miguel Lopez

    , he probably left to Cuba

  19. Sounds like a smokescreen to me. How could he have left the home while it's been surrounded by people??

  20. How does a person of interest escape under the FBIs nose?

  21. Connie Ellerbe-Maycock

    I wouldn't be surprised if he commits suicide. This could have been avoided if the police would have arrested him.

  22. Freddie Dunning-Kruger Jr.

    Peyote was involved

  23. Shane Williams

    a grand jury cannot force anyone to speak and hold anyone in contempt. it is 2021 not 2000. money talks much louder in 2021. fancy lawyers find more loopholes than air jordans

  24. Chepell Chase

    Is Mexico,,,yeah

  25. What game(s) are being played? Next plot twist: she is alive and well. She wanted to seek some sort of revenge on dude for ruining her brand launch… is scared to come forward bc it’s a national story now! This is a mess

  26. Tim Searcy Sr.

    L state

  27. Tim Searcy Sr.

    Should the police have let her drive away in her menta

  28. i am the news

    What is he talking about? If Brian pleads the fifth he never has to speak! Period!

  29. Endless Adventure

    He's hanging out with Gabby in a remote location and they are both laughing at the entire world. LOL

  30. Clouded Leopard

    The lawyer probably arranged the whole disappearing act with his heartless patents.

  31. i am the news

    Lol! Where’s Brian? Did he seriously leave the country?


    Arrest their parents as they're tampering with the evidence. just like my bullies parents tried to save notorious son who were trying to bury me after robbery and assault in the field. My bullies parents lied to tamper with evidence to save their notorious sons were always at home that day. Similiar situation..the parent should also receive death execution for tampering with evidence to side with criminal …xc

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