New Attorneys: 1,200 first responders will file lawsuit against COVID vaccine mandate

Representatives for Hawaii union members taking legal action against the state’s COVID vaccine mandate held a news conference at attorney Michael Green’s …


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  1. Here’s all the proof they need unionize people unionize

  2. Yet when election time comes these same unions will line up behind the politicians imposing this mandate on their members.

  3. Good !!!! F the govt

  4. Stand up Attorneys!

  5. James Wilbur

    Everyone get on board now

  6. Timothy Carrig


  7. Starla Roberts

    This mandate is rediculous and against the constitutional laws!!! It is Treason, Biden and this administration is committing!!! Hell to the NO TO VACCINE!!!! I HAD Covid and didn't go to doctor and I do have medical issues and still survived!!! Heard Amunity what a wonderful thing it is, it works!! ARREST THOSE IN GOVERNMENT WHO WANT THIS MANDATED VACCINE FOR TREASON NOW!! TIME TO STOP THE MURDERS OF WE THE PEOPLE. FEED VACCINES TO THOSE WHO WANT THIS FORCED ON US, THEY ARE THE MURDERS!!!

  8. Dave McCarthy

    "Millions are dying unnecessarily from COVID because of selfishness, greed and a perverse misunderstanding of human freedom" Get the shot and save a life!

  9. After The Storm

    Why should they be home without pay if they are the ones removing people from work for quote on quote testing

  10. Amen…my body my choice!

  11. Imagine a vaccine so safe you have to be threatened to take it for a disease so deadly you have to be tested to know you have it.

  12. If you support our firefighters and other first responders right to choose and keep their jobs, join the protest Saturday in front of the Honolulu Zoo. It's all about freedom and choice.

  13. I stand with these first responders and fire department and police. It’s our body our choice. Nazi tactics are going to cause a Allied resistance. We will not surrender like France without a fight. This is the beginning not the end.

  14. Sandy Peters


  15. OMG! More than 40,000 people have died right after getting the vaccine?! Why haven't I heard of this???!!!

  16. 1200 million

  17. seven miller

    How do we stop covid.. everything everywhere everyone where N95 masks it's not that Big of a deal to wear a mask I love my mask. It's protect up to 70 percent a three feet wake up America spread my post

  18. Thank you CAPTAIN.

  19. Brian Rusher

    Let's hope this doesn't end up in medical apartheid but it sure appears that could be at least one of the goals. It certainly seems very un-democratic to force people to take a medical procedure or lose their job and in some cases other rights that used to be considered God given or natural rights.

  20. Hope they get through! Let’s pray!

  21. Joellyn Maggio

    This is one of the saddest things I have seen on the mandatory vaccines. 😢

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