New Auto accident lawyer reviews left turn car accidents Van Nuys, Sherman Oaks, Studio City Auto accident lawyer Elia Castranova reviews left turn auto accidents in Van Nuys, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Toluca Lake, Hollywood Hills, North Hills, Lake Balboa, North Hills
Panorama City, Valley Glen and Valley Village.

A left turn accident is when a car turning left at an intersection hits a car on the opposite side of the road that is going straight through the intersection.

Left turn collisions are among one of the most common traffic collisions out there (simply reverse directions if your location on the world map sees you driving on the left side of the road). The results can be quite catastrophic….

In this type of collision, one vehicle is moving across a lane of traffic to enter the opposite lane while another vehicle is traveling normally along the former lane, and they make contact. Vehicles that collide in such a case might make end-to-end contact. That is, the vehicle moving across the lane might get hit on the front quarter panel or the rear quarter panel. This type of collision carries a lower risk of injury, but vehicle damage can either be expensive to repair, or irreparable. On the other hand, if the vehicle moving across the lane is hit in the middle, or at the passenger cabin area, then things are different. Severe collisions can result in death because occupants are always at risk. At best, some substantial injury is sustained and the vehicle is written off. Left turn collisions can be avoided with a little more attention to detail. Traffic isn’t something you can take for granted, especially if someone is trying to merge into traffic from a dead stop. Use your head, follow the steps above, pass them along, and hopefully you can eliminate this type of collision from your life.

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Elia Castranova
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