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Bad Credit Mortgage UK lending criteria explained. Payam Azadi expert Mortgage Broker at Niche Advice explains some of the key points with Bad Credit Mortgages including the level of deposit needed, mortgage affordability and how lenders view different types of credit problems.

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Niche Advice Limited is a Credit Broker and does not lend money directly to clients. Niche Advice Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

If you are thinking of consolidating existing borrowing you should be aware that you may be extending the terms of the debt and increasing the total amount you repay.


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  1. Neve Whitehouse

    Hi Payam, I am currently in the process of saving for my first mortgage with my partner, we aren’t looking to start our mortgage process for another 3-4 years, I have recently this year satisfied a CCJ I received from a hightstreet fashion store pay back purchase I did when I was young and unfortunately with me not being aware of things like this till now (aged 20) it has resulted in a small CCJ (£300) which was satisfied this month, do you think eventually after saving a decent deposit and my satisfied CCJ present I will be able to get a mortgage even with it on my file 6 years after I received my CCJ which was a one off when I was quite young! Thanks.

  2. Hi Payam, do you know anything about the council right to buy?

  3. i need some commercial morgages please

  4. hi i need your telephone number please jk

  5. Hiya! Just wanted to ask – when it comes to mortgage brokers that are specialised for bad credit and shared ownership. As the chances of finding lenders are lower, would you advise having more than one mortgage broker working on your application at the same time? Wouldnt that fasten the time taken to find a lender? Also assuming the brokers do not charge a fee until the mortgage application is done. Please reply! Thank you for the great video sir

  6. Christina Legge

    Great video, may I ask what about bad credit ( 2 CCJ’s both 3 years old) and also a short term employment contract. Do you believe it would still be possible to obtain a mortgage with these issues? Xx

  7. Hi mate you seem to reply alot so I'll give it a ago, I have a bad credit mortgage with principality, they say I can't remortgage or move due to late payments and I need 2 years of on time payments.
    Can I switch provider? I borrowed 110k got 100k left to pay wanted to remortgage so payments are cheaper? Thanks

  8. princess fiona

    I have a default of ,£3000, for 3 years. Will I get a mortgage next year this time. I can't pay it off as nobody contacted me.

  9. Your videos are more realistic and different , good work .

  10. Joyce Church

    Thank you Tina from Credit PatchUp LLC For the great job you have done on my case, You removed 16 NEGETATIVE Items from my Report, In a short Amount of time Again thanks a lot. Credit PatchUp LLC & The Associates are the "best @ what they do" !!!([email protected])

  11. Have been with Credit PatchUp LLC for about six months now i started with a whole lot of neg items on my credit and they have tremendously help my credit by removing lots things that impact my credit in a bad way i will continue with them as long as it takes……. LOVE THIS [email protected]

  12. Hi Payam is there any point of going to two Whole Market brokers? Would you both have access to the exact same deals and products? If I've been to one broker and they haven't found what I need, would it be worth coming to Niche?

  13. mrstitsntats

    How has corona affected specialist bad credit lenders? Thanks

  14. Hi my Experian credit score is 945 out of 999 but my credit file was something like 625. My partner and I are looking to buy our first home, so in order to save more he has moved into my rented property, I’ve applied to put him on the electrol roll in order to get his score up, his was lower than mine although he has no credit can you maybe advise us on what our best options are thanks

  15. Helpful fellow.

  16. Hi Payam, I was wondering if you could shed some light into this issue. 14 Months ago i had a missed late payment recorded on my file, and the reason behind this was that when i opened my business i was using my credit card to fund stock, and i had the repayment on direct debit and what happened was when i sold and repaid the credit card in full (£3500), the following month i decided to use the credit again and increase my product range at that point i forgot to setup the direct debit payment and i had missed the payment by 18 days and their cut of point for reporting to the credit agencies was 14 days so i missed the cut of day by 4 days. How badly would this effect me? Also this is the only thing that i have on my file thats negative never missed a payment or anything like that before.
    If you have any ideas regarding how bad this is please let me know because its just putting me off even applying for a house that i want to purchase.

  17. Hi me and my partner are looking to buy a home. Hypothetically 170k home and the mortgage advisor told us the affordability was fine but I’m currently on a DMP that includes several creditors. We been advised to wait a few months until the lenders are increasing the percentage of what they are prepared to lend as we been told there only lending upto 80% at the moment. Additionally that being said including my DMP it could be very difficult for me and my partner to procure a property at this current time. Do you have any advise for me on what possibilities I could do or wether it would be best to just try in her name instead? Much appreciated

  18. Robert Upchurch

    Great info on here. I did use the services of a programmer to get rid of bankruptcies and hard inquireis off my credit report and my score was also boosted to 790+ within few days. You can get to him via [[email protected]] if you're in need of any credit help or advice.

  19. Megan B. Davidson

    Thank you being there for me when i thought i had lost it all , I'm 35yrs with student loan debt of 83k , there's was no way i could meet up my bills, debts and two disabled son but a credit specialist with the name Gibbs proved me wrong by fixing my credit. He deleted all my hard inquiries and paid my debts, I really can't thank him enough, look up their website or contact him directly '[email protected]' for any credit help or advice.

  20. Mustafa Rajabali

    Hi Payam, I have a good credit rating but owe £25k and using over 80% of my available credit. Been paying out £1000 per month in rent for the past 5 years, never missed a payment. Have I got possible mortgage options or will I find it difficult as I am using over 80% of my available credit? Thanks

  21. shirani சிறாணி உதயா

    Hi sir,thank for kindness my credit 675 I got default mortgage but satisfied in the past from sold 35000 gave it me but I am a full time workers 17years.60000 saving is it any possible .please tell me

  22. I use clear score and I worked so hard to build my credit score then I went down by almost 100 points because I didn't update my details with the electoral roll. Would this affect me if I wanted to buy a house

  23. Ashley Conrad UK

    This video is incredibly, I want to be a first time buyer , I have a "Fair Credit" score and on ok outside London deposit

  24. Hi just found your channel very helpful information 👍 can I get a mortgage at 54 and how long would the mortgage be .

  25. This was helpful x

  26. just found u channel x

  27. Thank you very much, so imformitave. I recently did a soft credit report and there was CCJ on my name from 2015 but it is not my address. It appears that someone has used my name. I am trying to sort out as I want to buy a house this year

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