New Best Bank In Canada For A Mortgage: A+ vs. A vs. B Lenders

When it comes to which bank is the best bank to get a mortgage, many people are confused by what is an A vs. a B lender. In fact many don’t realize that there are A+ lenders that only deal in mortgages. While you may need a mortgage broker to deal with them, they have the best products in the industry simply because they can’t get by on big marketing budgets and brand loyalty. The only reason they survive is because their products are actually better.

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  1. Khalid Rasul

    So B lenders are better than A and A+ lenders correct?

  2. Omair Quraishi

    Hi Nolan, can you do a video on products like ManulifeOne? And how they compete (or not) vs other products?

  3. Can I use line of credit and use it towards downpayment?

  4. Hey Nolan, great insight could you recommend lender for someone who is self employed at this difficult times thanks

  5. Nolan, I kind of disagree on the idea of recommending monoline over chartered bank when it comes to variable rates for one simple reason, if the borrower has to transfer his mortgage from one property to another, he'll need to first convert to fix rate and then transfer, which will cost him his variable rate. I don't say monolines don't have good variable products, I just try to explain every positive and negative aspect for every product I recommend to the borrower. That said, great video.

  6. Hey Nolan, awesome as always especially helping us choose whats best out there👍 More power.

  7. Erica Mancini

    which of these kinds of lenders are still doing mostly manual approvals?

  8. Thivanka Makalanda

    Hey Nolan,
    Can you do a video on equity lines of credit and pre-construction house mortgages.

  9. RentBook Mobile App

    Appreciate the knowledge

  10. I'm wondering if all of the lender type (bank, specialized and private) must use the stress test for mortgage qualification?

  11. Crypto Guide

    Private is needed if proceeds of crypto has touched your accounts in the last three months 🙂 (Unless you only used some of the TSX based funds like QBTC)

  12. If by fall the bidding wars cool down do you think house prices will sell for less then what they are now?

  13. Your on the role updating us thanks

  14. Appreciate for making this video, I always considered the big 6 are the lenders to go for. I will now explore more options going forward!

  15. christopher garcia


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