New BEST Bitcoin Bull Scenario (Back to $70k in May)

I found something in the Bitcoin chart that you HAVE to see. This is the basis of the BEST Bitcoin bull scenario. We’ll talk about the monthly BTC chart and exact BTC price targets. Find out why Ethereum is ready to pop off again. Plus, Elon Musk tweets in favor of crypto.

The price of Bitcoin is sitting at around $38K. Can it possibly recover and head back toward $70K? Market Cipher will give us some clues for what we can expect to happen in the short term.

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  1. Yeah, May of 2022

  2. Duane Thomas

    Won’t see 70 grand this year

  3. “Some people are saying” 🤔

  4. Some John Doe

    It's a proven store of value n shit.

  5. Not bullish mate

  6. Jeffrey Swiggett

    I like when Ben does these videos best

  7. No of course Not!
    28 k imminent sorry

  8. exevoir Logan


  9. Homer Duffelton

    This channel is totally garbage 😄

  10. Stop lying it’s a bear market now

  11. May? Yeah righ Alex

  12. Juan D Estrada

    This haven't aged well so far

  13. Gordon G Grey

    Lol wrong

  14. John Nesbitt

    Screw Elon.

  15. Ben needs to stop giving people false hope…

  16. John Grabenstetter

    buy back at 15k

  17. andrew twist

    Err 34k today

  18. 💩🙌

  19. Lucasius Preto

    Going down down down….

  20. $Bonfire 🔥🚀

  21. ProSuccess Corner


  22. Nkosana Msibi


  23. Seems not possible

  24. hemant chaudhary

    Bas kro uncle ji ab kitna pelo ge

  25. maverickarefin

    f*ck musk

  26. May is ending though?

  27. WavesOfArt San Diego

    Lol..I'm takin bets…

  28. Jason Smythe

    Boycott Tesla Cars

  29. Sell @35 buyback @70.

  30. Just because it’s not goin down doesn’t mean it’s bullish

  31. No Commentary Gameplay

    It may turn around just like that…within hours.

  32. Sir sweet and sour chicken balls

    summary= LARGE GREEN DOT

  33. TheShachattack13

    It can’t go back to something it has not yet reached

  34. Matt Gigante

    Didnt this guy say 320k this year????


  36. Zed Momirovski

    “Let’s get it” Ben!!!

  37. Always Explicit

    Benn me frienn you gotta loose that strap from your shades 🤣 nice floppy hair tho💪🏼

  38. Elijah Davidson

    Yummy coin 🪙 💎🚀🔥😎😎

  39. Robbie Norton

    Nice Demon =)

  40. Love the sound of that engine @Bitboy Crypto

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