New Best Mortgage For Real Estate Investors? | Interest Only Mortgages in Canada

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In today’s video I have Josh Findlay & Ehren Laycock from the Findlay Mortgage Team back for another Finance Friday to chat with us about interest only mortgages!

Have or do you use interest only mortgages? Do you understand interest only mortgages better after this video and why so many real estate investors like myself use them? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Latest video on CMHC vs Insured eligibility requirements –

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  1. What is your take on getting readvancable mortgage ? The principal portion of the payment is available in HELOC which can be used to buy rental property and rental income can be used to paydown principal on primary residence mortgage and again taking it back out of HELOC and then using that amount to service expenses on rental. We can tax write off the interest on HELOC and also interest portion of rental property.

  2. Is interest only mortgage only available for a low ratio mortgage ( no cmhc 20% dp)?

  3. Waste of time.
    Why cant you explain it with a scenerio?.
    Give us example on interest only explain pros and cons and.

  4. Interest Only Mortgages… Bring them on… either that or 40 year amortization….

  5. First time hearing about an interest only mortgage in Canada. Thanks for the info!

  6. Great video! Summarized info source of what I have been gathering for about a year myself.

    I do love interest only payments mortgages! It does come down to a WHY of each investor, but if you want to increase cashflow or an ease up the holding cost- interest only payments is a great solution!

  7. Of course using interest only mortgages during the purchase and stabilization phase of acquiring a new asset just makes sense due to the potential for lower monthly payments.

    After the asset is stable and the income has been bumped up, converting to a traditional mortgage should be fine since you have the increased income to support it.
    Keep the interest only loan for a bit while you save more using the increased asset income and add to your cash position.

    Great informative video. Thanks

  8. Great Video, heard Ben Mallah down south is a notorious user of Interest-only mortgages and nothing else when purchasing