New Beyoncé & Jay Z Donate $2 Million to HBCUs After Blood Diamond & Basquiat in Tiffany Ad Backlash

It looks like Beyoncé and Jay are trying to make amends after the backlash they received for wearing Tiffany & Co.’s yellow diamond and flaunted their Jean-Michel Basquiat artwork.


CNN article:

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  1. K E M P I R E 🐘

    What do you think of these new developments?

  2. So she’s being praised by black people for wearing a blood diamond stolen from her own people that she actually practices activism for? What a jokeeee!! Hahaaa

  3. Mary Steacker

    look up the history of that Dimond please . just the age along it is not a blood Dimond

  4. I believe and Thank them both for reminding us about this jewelry. I love that they felt remorse with heartfelt donations. As a American Descendant of Slaves (ADOS) we do not owe in my opinion Africa anything. I have yet to learn they tried to get our ancestors out of slavery or returned the blood money some got. To this day I have not learned if the African nation has offered any land or properties to the ADOS when at all accounts in history the ADOS came from there and was captured and sold by various tribes.

  5. We want our Diamond Back 🇿🇦

  6. I don’t even think “The BASQ MAN” ever did a painting of “himself” never that straight forward.. One of my faves for 20 yrs now. As for 🩸 💎 EWW. This why I stay away from 💎 altogether. Bey & J r wrong 😑😑😑

  7. Haya Glamazon

    The Basquiat is theirs and they purchased it. They can rightfully have it in the ad. I love your Basquiat as well.

  8. Sonia Jackson

    I don't know for sure, but I heard that's not the blood diamond, but if it's true or not these people are gonna be ok.

  9. I really hoped you were going to say they donated money to the areas in South Africa where the diamonds were mined. Something to help make the miners and their families lives a little easier……..but nope… you didn't say that. Just another couple saying "I'm rich and your not."
    Never have cared for her voice.

  10. TrudyAnn Barker

    With wealth comes power….
    How you wield that power opens you up to be judged. . . We the fans can let them know what is offensive and they should take note… will they? Bet not.

  11. No diamond is ethically mined. All this blood diamond BS.

  12. Tiffany donated the 2 million, not Jay Z and Beyoncé. They should at least donate double the scholarship amount. Imo

  13. News flash ⚡️ JayZ and Beyoncé BEEN donating millions of dollars to HBCUs. 😐

  14. Angela Skiffington

    Sorry don’t believe she didn’t put 2&2 together… 2 Million is nothing for them .

  15. noveltyexpressions

    I’m no behive and I could careless about the two of them.
    But they always donate to hbcus !!! Y’all make it sound like this is their first time, and it really isn’t, so that negates the idea that they did this for forgiveness. They donated to the schools because that’s what they do. Also.z that’s evident in the fact that she was still wearing the diamond in the new promo photo, so they donated to HBCUs for forgiveness, why the he’ll would be turn around and wear the diamond again? Like you said, they’re not stupid!

    So she clearly doesn’t care about the blood diamond, which then goes back to… that $2 million was not part of some “ forgive tour…. Y’all say they’re on. Lolol

  16. Fern Sinclaire

    They know!!!! They're more than likely in league/have shares in ownership with the abusers of our people whose blood is being spilt so they can own what the devils of this world has!!!!!!

  17. Merlie Willis

    Just another reality show..let's move on to real juicy gossip 😋😅😅 eh !

  18. Apple Chucks

    I still don't understand why they should apologise.This diamond that's from the original stone has been cut so many times and everyone has watched several people wear it.Liz Taylor, the Queen of England has several large stones in her crowns; in her staff and others and nobody said nothing.Jayz & Beyonce agreed to do a campaign for Tiffanys a job only wearing it in the add. Beautiful picture by the way, i don't understand people so proud of the diamonds on your fingers and yet you critisize them for accepting a job.whats in your jewelry box and unless it's cut glass where do you think it originated from.everybody that has diamond rings necklaces pins whatever that's against them get rid of it Cast The First Stone!!!!
    Priorities , not hate.Now Beyonce go on and enjoy that Beyonce and keep moving forward both of you.most people would do anything to work with a prestigious co. Like Tiffanys.

  19. To be honest, I thought they would know that already😳

  20. Deborah Abdul-Raheem

    A blood diamond is a blood diamond you can give scholarship without a blood diamond expect them to know better.

  21. So many on line universities major of real schools are suffering for monies.i think they should do it. Accept. It so many people need these fubds. Honestly I never heard about the diamond and Tiffany stop always praising one and hating another we're still our worst enemies

  22. Research pls and then make a more informed decisions and unfortunately most rare and large stones are bloody something 😳 Everybody with a precious stone check the providence then talk

  23. The $2 million is not a "forgive me" tactic. The funds were already allocated and part of the agreement to do the Tiffany promotion. That was clearly stated in the initial promotional announcement.

    Basquiat was a very private artist and intentional with his art. He would've never approved using art for commercialized purposes, which is why his friends and family, including his past assistant. shared their disappointments. But, hey, Tiffany now owns the painting.😒

  24. Shelia Simpson

    Listen, they knew exactly what they were doing! However, they knew we will forgive them and keep it moving like aways. Everyone knows how to play us, and like Beyonce & JayZ will continue use us to their advantage. I see she never parted ways from Tiffany? IJS

  25. one who cares

    I'm not a fan of either one of these two,I am not surprised by these two ill pass on both

  26. We all believe that Beyonce and Jay-Z's payment is hush money. They're not stupid and I feel like they knew what they were doing and did it anyways thinking that no one would notice. Soo sick of these celebs taking advantage of real victims by pretending to "look the other way" for materialistic things for their own narcissistic pleasure. #GUILTY

  27. We shall never forget! What is her mother saying now? This diamond was stolen from our country, South Africa in a town called Kimberley.

  28. I always admired the Basquait painting behind you. I wondered if it was an original but, didn’t want to count your pockets. lol

  29. This was my initial thought when I saw the picture. Absolutely disgusting for multiple reasons. Jay and Bey are so fake and do crap all the time yet most judgment doesn't stick to them very long. That's why she thought they could get away with it.
    Didn't Jay-Z make some shady, useless collaboration with the NFL?
    I hope people see they do not represent Black Excellence. They represent capitalism and themselves. They are entitled to do as they please. I just wish people would stop acting like they are something they aren't. And I'm not looking for perfection, just honesty.

  30. Her ignorance and lack of knowledge when its comes to diamonds is priceless! Does she and all those who wearing those diamonds know exactly how they are mined, how many people have died just for the sake of Diamonds?

  31. Plants behind you look like they need some water.

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