New Biden's $25,000 Down Payment Assistance Grant

First Time Homebuyer Down Payment Grant

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  1. Simple Life of MJ

    This was so dope. Thank you for sharing with us. You also have a lot of astute opinions.

  2. Skyfall 2021

    If you want somebody to take your info serious or your business, dress the part and stop looking like a rapper

  3. Edward Smith

    Why in the hell would they write it this way? Who does this benefit?

  4. So it sounds like this benefits immigrants. They're thriving all over my state and county. They come to this country and take advantage of every program available no matter how long it takes.

  5. Joshua D. Wright, MBA

    I interpret is accommodating the immigrants they want in who work for less money and who can suppress the black vote

  6. Its for Asians mane

  7. They are going to make the immigrants coming in wealthy. They will all be first generation and financially disenfranchised. Then they will move their families in. All the Non For profits will work this system. You can just find one family member to do this. This whole "plan" has a million loop holes to benefit everyone except so called Blacks.
    So again so called blacks aka melanated indigenous people will be behind again who already live in America. And like he said the home prices will sky rocket and thus these people won't be able to afford the mortgage.
    The problem with the solution is we want people to sell, but where will they do if every market is tight. They can't turn to renters.

  8. Mr_Imperfection Gaming Channel

    Not good this is not generational wealth.

  9. Yosuke Satyapan

    Well I think (correct me if I'm wrong) that people who own property generally have generational wealth behind them, making it easier for their off-spring to buy a home for themselves. Generational Wealth= more opportunities (education, business ventures, etc.)= wealth for off spring to buy property without assistance. On the other hand, others who don't have generational wealth rent most of the time, so this would allow them to get the capital they need to be a first generation home owner.

  10. Nomtombout Radio

    Economically disadvantaged = Can't pay back a home loan

  11. Nomtombout Radio

    Smh they finessing. They're giving you money to buy your slave chains

  12. Ask BAMAGRL26

    My parents are dead so does that matter?

  13. James Jordan

    It’s not a buyers market WAIT

  14. It makes alot of sense, if you parents bought a home and your not economical disadvantage “aka Black or POC” you should be able to get a home without a “grant” open your eyes fam. This is to help impoverished and low income families. Now the question is will they manage the home after the “grant” money has ran out.

  15. Karletta Kelly

    Sounds like they are trying to get homeownership in the hands of person who maybe victims of redlining, restrictive covenants etc. Seems like there is a better way to do it because if you are Eco Dis and no experience in having a home, its a doomed outcome.

  16. JSW Moorish Temple of Amen-Ra

    It’s a set up. I’ve worked in construction as a manager and worked in the 105th Congress for Transportation & Infrastructures. You’re correct, State funds to be delivered to private market is scrupulously not good. The build market is saturated and will soon implode as stated because it will be in its cycle.

  17. Leonard C. Williams-Smith

    Economically disadvantaged individuals are socially disadvantaged individuals whose ability to compete in the free enterprise system has been impaired due to diminished capital and credit opportunities as compared to others in the same or similar line of business who are not socially disadvantaged.

  18. Giving the allusion of giving something to the people that put them in office when they really didn’t do anything

  19. Temple by RSP LLC

    This was so dope. Thank you for sharing with us. You also have a lot of astute opinions.

  20. This program is only for Hispanics basically

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