New Bitcoin and the crypto markets are alive! LIVE SHOW!

The crypto markets are on fire right now! Let’s dive in!

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  1. Advice appreciated Ben. You have me feeling silly I bought a little XRP hoping for a scalp a couple days ago. lol. @Hallamhope2

  2. Edward Uittenbroek

    yep, say cheese to Gouda, NL

  3. Edward Uittenbroek

    Didn't the Black Friday deal apply to Europe? It stalled in my case…

  4. Great video, is "20SMA and 21EMA Crossover" indicator script available anywhere? Thank you.

  5. Chris Sandro

    Great content as always.

  6. Elliott Urbina

    Whoever Michael Ross is. He is a scammer

  7. Anthony V. Tucker

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    Bitcoin to the moon 🚀

  8. Derrick Wayner

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  9. Gabriel Saraiva

    I have been doing some studies on Bitcon investment for sometime now and I have discovered that investing in bitcoin is a easy means of making money online, I really need help, can anyone help me?

  10. What have you heard about crypto?

  11. Yes I tune in from London, UK

  12. Slovakia is watching too 😀 😀 😀

  13. Zubair Mughal

    lmao the gap boys

  14. Great content. Very informative. Well educated explanations of the markets! 👏

  15. Jan_II_Kowalski

    You shoud try Liquidity Pool on EOS ->
    you can put your BTC, ETH, EOS, … in LP in any configuration:
    BTC / ETH
    ETH / EOS
    EOS / ETH
    As for the fee, you can rent a CPU paying only <1 EOS and it will last for a whole month of operation.
    Passive asset holding is a relic.
    DeFi was not a bubble, we all need to realize its benefits.

  16. Switzerland, male, 76.

  17. Crypto Seven

    Watch all your videos religiously – never seen any internet problems whatsoever – in UK

  18. Suck

  19. Litecoin looking good, especially with the Cardano Łitecoin ‘Velvet Fork’ and ongoing Mimblewimble Privacy work 👤

    Important to remember that Litecoin will also be the cheapest of the four coins on the upcoming PayPal platform.

    This will be very appealing to new people exposed to crypto for the first time. 🚀

  20. Father Ben putting crypto to sleep 😊

  21. XRP 😂😂😂

  22. i get lequidated for 20 k in binance futures i lost everything im depressed all my hard saving money gone like never been i feel pain i dont any job or work please how can help me with any funds please this is my wallet adresse 13uAVYY43ka3ufLrhmTensRdog2h5iHzAW

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