New BItcoin & Ethereum Bull Market – SRM SOL FTT Crypto Updates

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These are MY ideas, and I am presenting them here for entertainment/analysis purposes ONLY, you MUST do YOUR OWN due diligence before investing in ANY CC’s, digital assets or ICOs; Understand the Risks.


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  1. In my honest opinion though, the bull market for #bitcoin and for the crypto in general has just started 😉
    Would love to know what my fellow traders think of that.

  2. Hey I was one of the first private group members and I left in 2018 after losing almost all my money. Too much gloom and doom…big mistake. Anyways I would like to join again, ive scrapped together some capital to get started (about 8k) and would like to rejoin the group. I can’t seem to find where please send a link. I love your show and have started watching all the free stuff again, hoping I can afford the private group. Thanks for all you do.

  3. Please don't start the scary faces in your youtube images! You are better than that!

  4. Last summer I bought a $1k position in several projects. That position in Matic is now $25k earning $1500/mo from staking. This crypto game is unbelievable.

  5. I been watching you for a long time but I think you need to put your ego in check.. The way you talk to some people over the most useless things like the private group; The advice you give is great and all but don't talk to people about not being able to afford discord or the private group / "This is all you get " lol… Holy smokes dude I thought you tried to escape the assholes in this world not turn into one yourself??

  6. You’re so funny. That was awesome. Thank for sharing your knowledge, your philosophy and your humour. Peace 🤙🏽

  7. Everyone should invest in 1 of these trending coins that actually does some good for the world.Aquagoat (cleans ocean) Saving Planet earth (plants trees) with portion of liquidity pool. Will moon

  8. MMcrypto needs to take a chill pill and read some books….dont trade leverage and never get rekt

  9. Do you think that 100k is the top this bull market, or do you think the bull market is continuing towards q1 22? 🙈

  10. Awesome video, time is on your side brother! Can’t lose if you don’t stop.

  11. Glad you called MMCrypto out for that video… the guy openly admits he knows nothing about Wyckoff whilst showing us a Wyckoff schematic and telling us its acumulation and were coming down lol

  12. Tijo, did you lose that loving feeling for LINK? I remember you saying it may have already run most of its bullish course…

  13. I’ve wondered many times why MMCrypto has so many subs, and why you don’t have even more than he does.
    I’ve concluded that the majority of retail just don’t want to put in the study.

  14. Was laughing about the MMcrypto comment :). You provide some of the most valuable content available (the other one is Krown)

  15. Blessed to have found you in the mix of youtube investors top 3 fasho ! Probly my favorite episode you went off on Don made me weak af xD

  16. Hahaha…MMCrypto. Methinks his nose hoovers too much blow! His clickbait is annoying. EMERGENCY, OMG, AMAZING, etc. Every day is a high-octane schizoid charting clusterfuck.

  17. Quality over quantity, man! way deeper content than the other youtubers. Keep up the good studys and work and by the next bullrun you will be just as big

  18. Harmony one going crazy y’all it’s 10 cents buy that shit ! It was. 20 cents !!!! Dogecoin will go up too tho! Nothing to lose get harmony ASAP it’s going insane

  19. I would have been adding to them but I haven't been able to get into a few of my account's for a few year's now but I'm learning how to