New Bitcoin Euphoria Sets In (Time To Sell Your Crypto?)

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Is it time to sell your crypto? After the recent explosion from Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many altcoins, this is a question that is on the minds of many crypto holders. Is there a price drop coming or will the momentum continue??

In this video, I’ll give you a Bitcoin price update, discuss the possibility of Bitcoin leaving exchanges, the volatility of Ethereum, and much more. We’ll look at the prices of Gold and Silver, analyzing why they are currently up. We’ll talk about and I’ll give you advice on how to prepare yourself for what comes next in this crazy world of crypto.

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  1. 0 tax on crypto here in comparison to when I lived in Sweden I have to earn about 60% less for the same profits

  2. I'm visiting you to thank you in person once I become rich, by the way I'm from the Philippines

  3. please do a dedicated video on wise token! its done a 2x in a few days since launching on uniswap. backed by eth. basically eth bonds

  4. You can't buy bread with crypto if the grid goes down… just sayin. Gold and silver stacking is a good store of value and a good choice in case SHTF

  5. Loving the quality of quantity content being supplied by BitBoy on YouTube 🚀

  6. We will help you hit $1 Million subs by end of 2021 just like btc to hit $1 million end of 2021!! (Well $225,000+ by sept 28)
    Cheers BitBoy
    Go Tompa Bay Gronkaneers
    Your BitBoyDisciple

  7. New show/layout looks great Ben!!
    Reminds me a little of sports shows like Pardon The Interruption espn
    Keep up the Great work Bitsquad
    Much appreciated 🙏
    Your BitBoyDisciple

  8. Love it guys, great content. Really interested in that Bybit Bitboy tutorial.

  9. Glad I was came to your channel a few months back before all this started popping off 🤓🤙🏼

  10. Been watching for a few weeks but just now subscribed. Glad to see a fellow GA boy in the crypto space.

  11. I for one like the new layout so you can share more on screen. Love ya, but we've seen your mug plenty lol. Thanks for the great content as alway!!