Bitcoin Halving: Big money comes to #Bitcoin as legendary trader Paul Tudor Jones publicly admits he’s buying! Is the halving a “sell the news” event? $BTC short term double top possibly, but $40k EOY price still in sight! Coinstar to double #BTC ATMs, crypto news, and more!

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⏰ *Timestamps:*
2:48 Analysis 〽️
6:22 Bitcoin to $40k?
11:28 Big money comes to Bitcoin
14:27 Why this halving is different
15:43 Bullish BTC news

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    2:48 Analysis 〽️
    6:22 Bitcoin to $40k?
    11:28 Big money comes to Bitcoin
    14:27 Why this halving is different
    15:43 Bullish BTC news

  2. 40k ain 't happening this year!

  3. William John

    Investing in crypto now is very cool especially with the current rise in the market now

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    It's Monday

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    You do good explanations my friend! Like the way you speak you don't say for sure will go up, you say possible go up! Nothing is sure in this world, keep doing a good job.

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    Stay tuned, halving is comming!

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    I wonder if the miners will suppress the price after the halving this time.

  35. Gabriel Jimenez

    Lmao it’s going to 4000 to 5000 in the next four months there’s no reason to go higher there’s no adoption, big companies aren’t taking it and with a crisis in the next quarter people need money not bitcoin because it has no use to the average person as of now. 2021 will be the real beginning, go bitcoin!!!!

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  40. The future seems bright for bitcoin, however considering what happened with my dentacoin (DCN) after the last halving makes me feel like the alts will far out perform bitcoin.
    Any thoughts on this?

  41. ahh you are idiot people lose money bcs of you

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  48. Cryptos like Bitcoin are WORTHLESS. Talking about the government printing money. Well, at least they are doing it to solve problems for the nation. And at least, they have to worry about inflation, deflation, national defecit, etc.. NO, not with cryptos… With cryptos they can create as much money from thin air as they want for their own personal gain. Creating lots and lots of worthelss money from thin air like cryptos without inflation is ridiculous! People buy and they just create more cryptos… Not acceptable.

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