New BITCOIN MANIPULATION 2021 – Textbook Wyckoff Distribution Exposed!

Bitcoin just executed a perfect Wyckoff Distribution Campaign, engineered to do one thing: take your money! I will walk you through the 2021 Bull Market move by move and show you how it is, without a doubt, an intentional campaign executed by the large interests that control the bitcoin supply. Welcome to the alternate reality!

UPDATE! Don’t miss part 2! Updated May 18 with new analysis and predictions:

Here is a page with images and descriptions for you to look at and share:

Here is the article you NEED TO READ!

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  1. Bradford Oakmont

    We need Bitcoin to die. It's literally killing crypto. Only Wallstreet and hedge funds own it now. I have no idea how people call it the people's money.

  2. Richard Michael

    nice video and well explained the future is cryptocurrency ,investing successfully in forex requires the expertise of a professional broker that is why i have made profit since i started trading with mrs wilson celina

  3. Spike Himself

    This is very interesting but I feel like you've fundamentally misunderstood the meaning of "composite man", even though you do explain it well at first. You keep repeating that we are being played, but the patterns that Wyckoff discovered aren't manipulation, they are natural market behaviour. And that is why the "composite man" explanation works so well. This pattern happens because thousands of traders are doing the same thing at the same time, because they are all collectively responding to the same signals, and in doing so, they are creating what looks like manipulation (hence "composite man"), but isn't. This is not a small group of rich individuals pulling on strings. They would not be able to get away with that, given how illegal that is. Also, you say that we could have seen this coming in february. But if you delete anything after the point on the graph where you claimed we could have predicted it, you would quickly find that there was not a single indication of anything. You can only say this afterwards, now that you've been able to fit the pattern on top of the chart. The only thing you could see in february was a steep rise (which admittedly always leads to a crash, but you don't need to know any patterns for that)

  4. THANKS!!!

  5. Wished I found this earlier fml.

  6. Braden Ericka

    Fantastic Video ❤️Bitcoin has followed this pattern for sometime now; It dips and gets everyone scared then after retesting an old resistance several times, we wake up one day to see it has bullish. This period is the perfect time to buy the dip and accumulate irrespective of the bulls being under pressure. Bitcoin moving up is inevitable and would see the price of bitcoin surpass it's all-time highs. The reversal was imminent because obviously, the bitcoin market needed a correction to gather the right momentum to give the bulls more steam and this just makes it the perfect time to invest and accumulate as much as possible. I ' d strongly advise any newbie / traders to buy the dip for traders who are still wondering to enter the market or old time traders who are Holders to seek help from not just any trader but an established trading expert with at least 89% trade accuracy. I underwent series of trading loses I'd best not talk about before I was introduced to trading analyst <Declan Burrows> Tҽʅҽgɾαɱ . My contact with him has been the Hallmark of this year for me, under his careful guide and his signal services. I've been able to recover my losses and even grow my trading portfolio massively from 1.2 btc to 4.6 btc in just 5 weeks. I will advise traders especially newbies to have orientation of trading before they involve in it. <@Declanburrows> makes you learn daily while you make a profit with his signals.

  7. You nailed it

  8. Gabriel Norocea

    Institutions cannot manipulate a market like Bitcoin's. Sum up how much they won and what is the % of Bitcoin market cap. Come one!!

  9. Gabriel Norocea

    just buy the dip and hold for 10 years and you will gain. you know about bitcoin as much as I know, let not go bananas.

  10. This is the greatest video I've ever seen on YouTube. Mind blown 💯❤️

  11. ElMeGaPeLucO

    Hi, there is something that I don't undestand well, im on a noobie on this but the 5 highest peak you showed in the "original" image of the btc didn't reach to the others 4 peaks but when you show the compation with the Whyckoff method, the image of the btc is showed as the 5 peak was higher than it really was. Do you know what I mean? :S

  12. George Wills

    I have been watching some videos and I was thinking about investing, but still don't know where to start

  13. Flozya Creative

    So far the best youtube video I have seen on crypto this month. Everywhere just this shit dogecoin bullshit info without providing any info just spamming youtube with their nonsense no value videos just to keep the algorithm going and getting money out of youtube revenue. This is an absolutely amazing video.

  14. yunus emre öz

    bro nice job

  15. I have been saying this for months, I’m so glad to see a video about it. I thought I was going crazy every time I explained this to people.

  16. And the Bitcoin Fanatics response to CLEAR evidence of manipulation and destruction of wealth . . . HODL. ROFL!!!!!

  17. Thank you seriously.

  18. Thank You

  19. HessuHesekiel

    How could They use that method when now we are aware of that pattern?

  20. Better to follow guys like this instead of blindly following billionaire manipulators like Elon Musk

  21. you were right, bitcoin is at 34, lol what now

  22. Tremendous Luck

    Thanks mate.

  23. Hey gang, new Crypto called HI-DOLLAR, In 3 days with three referrals collected $23.54 free to mine, code marcb

  24. Clandestine Merkaba

    Amazing analysis, thanks. Consider the reason why the whales had to pull at this particular time? Perhaps due to needing liquidity for covering GME related margin requirements…

  25. Living The Bucket List

    Refreshing content, thank you!

  26. why didn't I watch this video back in April??? Ugh

  27. Cuthbert Stanley

    The internet has created more impact in our life, financially, socially and otherwise, for the betterment of our lives.

  28. Really appreciate this vid!

  29. first time here and you just earned my full respect sir. Thanks for this great insight

  30. Thank you so much. scary and accurate analysis. I sold my share on time, and save 10 percent drop(1500$). I will be ready after accumulation time. This is also happening to tesla. Next will be Nvidia. I think Amazon waiting for exhausting the holders before crush(swing on same price for 7 month).

  31. I was intro'd to your channel by The Modern Investor. Good stuff… sending to everyone I know.

  32. Bassam Rammaha

    You are the man for seeing this coming, and I will follow you for ever !!!!

  33. Very good and this is very helpful, thx a lot !

  34. Most impressive.Thank you for a very detailed explanation of what’s going on.(Subscribed and new follower✅👍💪)

  35. Robert Kiyosaki said it will dip to 27k. He probably knew this, but did tell…

  36. Cosma Alexandru

    i look at pro traders who make analysis of bitcoin and all they can say is the next day or 2 day in to the future what the price could be and 90% of them say it wrong or maybe get a bit lucky but this guy show us exactly were the price was going 2 months in the future and with solid proof to. not like all traders who say "i belive that…." or "i tell you this is going to happen…." this video is legendary

  37. darwin perkins

    Wow, 6 weeks later, the line is still holding. $32.4K today. Still looking for that final dip then then consolidation. Then all true believers will be rewarded.

  38. Kyle Knoblauch

    This helped thanks

  39. Thanks for sharing. Always best to be informed ESPECIALLY in this market, cheers!

  40. you nailed it!

  41. VanDuderBoss

    Sure wish I would have seen this before I bought at the ATH in april. fuck man… such bullshit.

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