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    Earn Free Bitcoin Here: πŸ‘‡
    β–Ί Blockfi – (Up To $275 BONUS): πŸ‘‰
    β–Ί Crypto,com – ($25 BONUS): πŸ‘‰ (CODE: gsfer7asr4)

    Charting & Analysis Platforms: πŸ‘‡
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  7. Wow….check out CORGIB

  8. MDX bro I’m ruined – help me

  9. Alice Incognito

    I’m buying 0xMonero

  10. Johnny Anderson

    Bitcoin is an egineered monetary Network the first of it's kind, aparadigm shift in the history of money, everyone needs it few understand it we are still early .

  11. Tena Santiago

    Does anyone know a similir streamer with content good like his but that covers ethereum?

  12. Michael Lakoudis

    Just because there was demand at 19K when it was zooming it bears no relation to the demand if it drops to 19K. People have had enough of BTC and he knows it.

  13. Michael Lakoudis

    Just friggin admit it, we are in a long term Bear market.

  14. Thanks for doing it! Great stuff, made my day!
    And yes, we do give a on ya stories mate!

  15. Michael Lakoudis

    info about whales may not be relevant to trading but it is for HODL

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  18. Candy Makowski

    Love you MD! The dominos story dude haha

  19. Bill Karmetsky

    The tragedy for all humanity is the destruction of Christianity throughout the entire world. Bitcoin will come and go but Jesus Christ and what he did against Rome and the Temple's money changers, the warnings against false teachers and faith in men (Trump over Christ) and lusting after things delusional any lower level BTC holder is gonna be rich (in USD terms) in 5-10 years is a con.

  20. Trevor Dineen

    Glad to see 26k viewers. Congrats to MDX on the solid view count. He's not lame like carl

  21. Robben Fernando

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  26. Do we think 22kΒ£ was the bottom.. serious support and climbing now .. did I miss the bottom..

  27. It is pumping now.. is that the last rise before a downfall

  28. U really are the best crypto youtube i watch u make everything so simple to learn and I've picked up on how to trade very quickly thxs bro you the real MVP

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