New Bitcoin: What Happens Next? (Collaboration with Steve from Crypto Crew University)

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Bitcoin has been on one crazy journey the last few months, and it leaves many of us wondering, “What happens next?” In this video, we bring Steve from Crypto Crew University onto the show in order to dive into this topic. Steve shows us similar moves in prior market cycles, but also points out some differences which should keep us on alert. Let me know what you think of this analysis on Bitcoin in the comments!

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  1. Would be interested if either of you think eth is potentially affecting the most recent box/RSI structure? I want to say now, as btc is king, but an interesting thought regardless.

  2. 11:40 your buddy is missing something, yes the "correction" is below the 71 line, but the top of the peek before is significantly lover as well then the previous 2 cycles.

  3. The institutional whales will eventually instigate a new bull run, and then manipulate another crash at some point. This is how the whales feed on the little fish. Peoples behaviour can be easily manipulated. all the whales have to do is turn two human emotions off and on. Greed and fear.

  4. great analysis by steve here. eye-opening stuff. cheers for the tip-off. I went over and gave him a sub

  5. What if this isn't part of a cycle top at all…rsi hasn' been above 90 so maybe the warning top AND market cycle top (both above 90) are BOTH still on the agenda for later…???

  6. Fact about BTC, whether we go up or down is that there will always be youtubers talking about btc cycles

  7. Ben these collabs are 🔥🔥🔥. Heading over to Steve's channel right now.

  8. When you have someone with 165 billion things tend to change in a market and that is just one individual… hold on to your ‘hats’😜

  9. The reason we have never had that data point before is because the amount of ‘whales’ in the market now and ‘mass adoption’ I propose we are in new territory as far as ‘chart history’

  10. In cycle 1 the BTC was pretty much the only horse in the race. Cycle 2 ETH and XRP took a big chunk of the market of Bitcoin. This cycle we have ETH, XRP, ADA, DOT, BNB, LINK and more. BTC's dominance is almost as low as in the last bull run. Maybe the top is indeed already in for Bitcoin. Think of the the early internet companies. The giants at the time were AOL and Yahoo. Where are they now?

  11. Are we above the 21ema? No. Did the nvt change colors? Yes Monthly RSI below 75? Yes. Bearish divergence on multiple time frames? Yes. Below keltner? Yes Seems straight forward where this price action is going. We could pump to that 75 on the monthly rsi and should be at around 45-50k price, then bigger dump. But I’m waiting for the rebound rally. We cannot deny that this is at least an extended downtrend. However, if price action gets to 17-20k, I believe bags will be loading like you cannot believe and price will skyrocket

  12. Hey ben ,

    What do you think now about The chart ?
    Is t dropping this weekend ?
    Its mot looking good at The moment 😩

  13. Saying the words 'data points' and 'mathematical boxes' doesn't make your analysis any more accurate.

  14. I was looking for more confluence to Steve's box idea.
    My problem, this market isn't normal in one iota of normality.
    So… it's food for thought. But I prefer to "think outside the box".
    I personally think we're all wrong on where this market was.
    I am now thinking from 29K to 57K was the blow off Elliott wave 5 top. It had an XYZ blow off extension from 43K to 64K. This extension has confused all of us thinking we were still in the Elliot wave 3 and this would be a wave 4 correction period before the blow off top wave 5.
    Still could be… but many indicators from volume to outflows etc. to MACD cross, to potential death cross. That the decline we had was the first ABC super cycle correction, and it's doing what ABC super cycles are supposed to do; make you think the bull market isn't over until the second zig zags through another ABC cycle.
    Then we'll all know.

    Just keep in mind, nothing in this market is normal, we're in an over extended low interest rate bubble of everything market and a pandemic thrown in the mix with helicopter money that ran out of cash to throw out the window (stimulus going bye bye) and banks already issued more debt than cash that exists in the system unable to sustain the repo market requiring the fed intervention again.

    So… just take this as food for thought and this will likely be considered still or invalidated by June 10th.

  15. Hello I'm new to forex trade And have been making huge losses but I recently see a lot of people earning from it. Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong