New Boston Personal Injury Attorney Steve Whitman

Attorney Steven Whitman (617-227-8118) has been successfully representing clients in Greater Boston for over 25 years. He is available all the time and will personally speak with you regarding your auto accident, slip and fall injury, dog bite, construction accident or other personal injury.


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  1. Tony Lapshinoff

    This guy is a complete low life bum. When I was a teen Steve Whitman would constantly harass, bully and beat me for no reason, at that time Whitman was older and at least 50 lbs heavier and 5 inches taller than me. One day after he beat me up I came home crying and a family friend Bill Garrison confronted Whitman on Beacon Street and the bullying finally stopped. His sister Sharon was in my sister Veras class and we had a mutual friend Jordana Freidman. We lived in Brookline MA
    What a joke that he is a personal injury attorney when he would personally inflict injury on me.

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