New Break: Ċóúƿ PIóttēȓs (2018) Audio Shocks Judge – Attorney General As Prosecution Witness Himself

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  1. Sesey Appiah

    Mahama is like them very wicked

  2. Emmanuel Nkrumah kordie

    Some greedy bustards wanted to kill because of power….they should be killed at once when they are found guilty

  3. Cecilia Agyekumhene

    Eeeiiii hmmm!

  4. Anlmioh 2019

    If they are found guilty, execute them. Don't adhere to the so-called human rights groups. The United States kills people with even minor offense.

  5. Alexboateng Boatengb69

    Aaaw God, hmm how i wish i gave power, me like i will kill all of them instantly. Me!!!

  6. George Akomeah

    Well done Mr Odame got leading this prosecution

  7. All those involved in the coup plotting, must be executed without any delays. There is no successful coup without a blood shed so, if they’ve been caught with an evidence, then they must face it without saying a word.

  8. The government should maintain the Head of the National Security and should not be deceived by those who are suggesting his removal.Ghana needs such tough men to fix the country.

  9. These people should not be leniently dealt with when they are found guilty.The law should deal with them without mercy.

  10. Kwabina Boateng

    The Law is working, the country is fixing, the law must work 👍

  11. Kwaku Agyapong

    Because someone wants to become president by all means. Anybody that is involved must be jail because they re nation reckless. I think hundred years is enough. (100)yes is kk. So where re those who were making noise including John mahatma

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