New Breaking News! Full video of TASHA k apologizing to the lead attorney! let's see if it's sincere!

#tashak #theleadattorney #unwinewithtashak

Tasha K apologize to the lead attorney for her dragging of his character.

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  1. The Strategic Eyes Show

    Hit the like button if you appreciate me sharing this. Your not thumbs downing Tasha. Your thumbing down my channel lol

  2. Kathy Moorer

    She didn't drag him, she drug herself! He did the same thing she's done – report gossip!!!! She made herself look bad!!!

  3. WHOOOOOO did you cut down…………. NAH you ain't cut NOBODY down….. He didn't gaslight you ……. You Think ENTIRELY TOO HIGHLY of yourself………..🙄🙄🤔

  4. The Science of Women

    This my first time seeing her. Shorty is terrible in the face

  5. richmond Schultz

    I bet KS wish he never went on her show. This was just as gross as the 1st video. What is a woman's kryptonite again???

  6. Wakanda Mandalor

    She states that She doesn’t like AA ma’am you looka lika man..AA don’t like you and your masculine attitude…you just displayed her true self..typical black women

  7. Democratic Detox

    She still digging that hole 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  8. Kings & Queens Epic Trading

    Shes mad at the fact that the lead attorney was right. She can be held accountable legally. Its a federal crime she committed. Olga is not a good attorney. Everybody has seen that. its not over for her. Yall check out Levi4kelly. R kelly's cousin. He is on to her. She is not protected by the 1st amendment. R kelly's trial can be declared a mistrial or be dismissed.

  9. APOLLO Apollo

    Tasha k is not scared. She is good. She has attorneys. A lot of you HATERS wanted her to get in trouble but guess what she didn't. She apologized, just because she didn't apologize like you wanted her to doesn't make it wrong Haters.

  10. FallfromGr8c

    Typical loud mouth in her masculine energy. I’m sure her husband is proud!

  11. Gurrrrl you are really big headed – ain’t nobody no Wino – pls stop – you’re on YouTube like err body else

  12. kalabash Connect

    The blackman's guide to understanding the blackwomen !! very low grade

  13. Hurley Wilson

    This woman is awful. How on earth does she have a lot of subscribers.

  14. Satari Self Care Institute

    TLA does not care at all about the opinions of others. He uses his brain and expertise to inform and help people understand the law. He is the BEST.

  15. That wasn’t even a DRAG. That was a lame ass RANT, let’s start there. Next, this wasn’t even an apology. She REALLY thought she said some profound shit in that rant & came back with this video to drop extra digs. Giving his first name was a veiled message to make ppl think she dug up some dirt on him.

  16. This b tear people down daily… what is she talking about

  17. How she want someone to call her first and she don’t call first.

  18. she look like a lil boy

  19. Did she say she could have had Cardi B stuff dismissed????

  20. But dang… he discussed what was public! I guess because it Tasha K it a problem!

  21. Torrance Sneed

    If you had look looked at the whole video he was on your side as well

  22. Torrance Sneed

    This is great thing you are doing for apologizing to the lead attorney. Yes you were wrong

  23. Penabiri Bey

    On average, men aren't as affected by harsh words as women are. Tasha thinks what hurts her as a woman, hurt him just the same as a man. Not so…

  24. This is what we gotta deal wit when a black women gets mad for whatever reason… at least that lawyer made her apologize lol

  25. Mr Gerald Broughton

    Yea Tasha they can get you for that, even though like you said, it is petty stuff. Dekalb County Police came after me about something I didnt do back in 2019 and it got thrown out. They real strict about online stuff and all. You will be ok lol… You was going in on bra it was funny. My thing is, if he didn't think it was true, why he got mad and calling the folks?

  26. toddfrench600

    LOL she got up early to do that apology…thats how you know it's real….fresh with the crust in her eyes lol…nooo he out here telling you the truth lol. Probono style lol

  27. Deshara Clark

    Girl take accountability and shut your ass up before it hit your pocket. Close your mouth girl

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