New BREAKING:SEC VS RIPPLE fight continues over legal advice-XRP V SEC news-XRP vs SEC-attorney at law

BREAKING:SEC VS RIPPLE fight continues over legal advice-XRP V SEC news-XRP vs SEC-attorney at law
S E C vs Ripple huge update today. the battle between two giants is still ongoing.
this is pretty much obvious , ripple xrp will skyrocket to the moon once they finish this battle done and dusted.
Judge Sarah Netburn ruled that Ripple Labs should have access to internal SEC discussions about cryptocurrencies. It’s now the other way around, but attorney-client privilege can prevent it.
Ripple’s attempt to prevent the SEC from seeking information from foreign partners through their respective regulators – the MOUs – was rejected by the Southern District Court of New York last week.
As the case adds heat to the cryptocurrency ecosystem, Judge Netburn gave the SEC an important victory over Ripple Labs. Decisions in this case are likely to set a significant precedent for future legal battles in the United States, and may even motivate regulatory systems in other countries.
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