New Breonna Taylor shooting evidence as explained by the Kentucky Attorney

Attorney General Daniel Cameron holds a press conference after the grand jury made their charging decision in the Breonna Taylor shooting by Louisville officers.


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  1. Imagine if Brianna Taylor wasn’t fucking around with criminals and Kenneth didn’t shoot at the police first.

  2. This DA is a poor excuse of a man. Brianna was murdered.

  3. BLD Lightpainting

    It was one year ago yesterday that a very sad tragedy occurred, which has been greatly exaggerated to stoke racial fears and thus ignite hatred towards police officers and caucasian alike.

  4. He is an incompetent stupid man!!! He isn’t worthy of the name AG

  5. If you know police are at your door and you have nothing to hide,. Why shoot at them. That's committing suicide. Something don't add up

  6. Youtube cutting out audio on purpose.

  7. Don’t give her family a dime! That $12 mil judgement is BS. BLM playing you rioters like fools. WTFU kids!!!

  8. Georgia Fain

    Your narrative is full of holes untruths and lies.

  9. strongcloud28

    Thats okay, Mr. Cameron you have until friday to turn over the transcripts to a federal judge. We will know what you presented to the grand jury as evidence. We will see you later

  10. Outcast Gamer

    Why no body cam?

  11. Carolyn Harris

    Fuckibg Coward

  12. em loof tonnac

    Every single video on this conference has the audio cut out. The Kentucky AG needs to do another one. Not ONE video on youtube has full audio, This was done intentionally, and it is unacceptable. They do not want the truth out there!!!

  13. I can see almost nobody on YouTube wants this video out there. They'd rather tell you their spin on it. Fix the audio.

  14. Danielle Mangold

    Terrible audio

  15. Jewd production Maine Man video

    Fuck off trader

  16. Why is it choppy lies

  17. Imagin if they knocked and announced themselves as law enforcement ..


  19. If he wasnt black he wouldnt be allowed to do this thank you for bringing true justice

  20. Everyone is up in arms about "social justice" because Ms. Taylor was Black.

    The bottom line is: Would this same thing have played out if the occupants had been white?

    Yes. Tragic? Yes. But not racism – systemic or otherwise.

    Would riots, looting, burning and murder have resulted if the victim was white?

    Case closed, you're welcome.

  21. Don't you people get it?? The "Ministry of Truth" says that this innocent, young, choir-girl EMT, whose sole purpose in life was to save other people, was targeted by corrupt police, solely because of her skin color. The actual circumstances of the case have no bearing, as they don't support the narrative.

  22. If I were him I wouldn't sit with my back to the door.

  23. Audio from 1974

  24. A FUCKING BITCH!!!!!

  25. Completely edited…smh….video and audio out of sync..

  26. Marlin Parker

    White lives matter, blue lives matter 👮🏻‍♂️

  27. Who uploaded this is pathetic and cant get the sound correct

  28. Its unacceptable none of them had bodycams

  29. rather knotty

    So, the cops smash the door in, 40 minutes after midnight, (00 40 am) it's after midnight, they were probably asleep and did not hear the first knock. came into the hall still sleepy to investigate the smashing down of the door, Kenneth Walker shoots once to defend against intruders. the cops return a hail of fire, 32 shots in all, all miss the target!!!!!!!!!! 6 bullets hit and killed Breonna Taylor, 3 entered apartment 3. Where did the other bullets end up? Are the police trained to aim? or shoot wildly in the general direction and hope some hit the target? I would have thought the police were better shots than that, this is deadly carelessness.

  30. Z0mbi3 Peach

    This audio is garbage and so much so that you can’t get any details. Why would you even post this with the quality being so poor

  31. Audio cutting off is not a proper way to explain such a heated situation.

  32. Notmy Realname

    is this anywhere you can actually hear it?

  33. so she was a human shield and her choice of boyfriends was bad……well, im sure she knew what he was doing.

  34. This man comments should lead every news broadcast but it’s buried here in obscurity. People don’t want to hear the facts

  35. Matthew Hill

    Why post this if the audio sucks ass? The public depends on getting the full facts on the grand jury verdict.

  36. SwampYankee85

    This vid is crap

  37. Roney Iampran

    Why don’t they just show the body cam footage of the incident so everyone finally sees the truth? I mean I think it’s highly suspicious that they lied about not having body cams in the first place.

  38. Don't do crime. Don't hang around and support those that do do crime. And don't have dead bodies show up in a car you rent.

  39. The only people allowed to be criminals in this country are the police.

  40. They Used this Black Man for the Escape Goat. AS IF. It would Soften the Blow. with this BULLSHIT VERDICT. Sorry Kentucky IT DIDN’T WORK ! I’m pretty sure the BF didn’t want to kill anyone that was coming threw the door. But I bet he wish he’d just shot everyone that trust passed threw it. With these Prejudice Jurors that let The KKKOPS get away with Murder !!

  41. JayKrappenshitz

    Your audio is shit

  42. Morgana Lefay

    The audio is crap


  44. It's unacceptable that the audio cuts out at important parts

  45. This is bullshit " what makes them believable ? After all the lies that have already been told " why believe they're honest now " NO something wreaks of corruption because I smell a rat !

  46. Ricky Kendrick

    U can tell that the police added they own evidence and tampered wit evidence as well as found a mystery witness smfh white ppl yall keep it up judgement day is near

  47. Doghead Ward

    Look at him.he the worst of the worst.yes sir master.his soul will burn in hell

  48. Get 0ff My freedom

    Can we get a re-do with a better mic🎤

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