New Brian Laundrie's Death Determined To Be Suicide, According To Family Attorney

Brian Laundrie died from a gunshot wound to the head and his death was ruled a suicide, according to a statement from the Laundrie family attorney.
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  1. Dr. Oo Sye Sanju

    Whiteness killed Both GABBY and BRIAN

  2. msnbc stalks jurors

  3. His parents FAILED HIM .. there must have been clues years ago that he was sick in the head

  4. Shelly Smith

    cool story bro….no one cares

  5. I would have preferred him getting gRaped in prison for 25 years first, but i guess i have to settle.

  6. Chris Sparks

    Biggest murder mystery scam ever.

  7. Linda Lowney

    Dental records? What about dna? I would think dental records could easily be switched.

  8. This stinks to high heaven.

  9. YouTube'google' Deletescomments

    NBC will now forever only be known for being just another propaganda spewing msm bot network for the fascist OBiden regime, how sad 🥲 that is your legacy now..
    Disabling the dislike counter because you know the ratio isn’t in your favor.

  10. Danilo Daniel

    He is alive

  11. The Dem Party Is Destroying America. If the modern Dem Party has its way, the America seen today will become unrecognizable sooner than we think. What Do The Worst-Run States Have In Common? They're Run By Tax-And-Spend Dems Six Failing Cities Run Entirely By Democrats #6, Portland #5: New York, New York, #4: San Francisco, Ca" a city in squaller. After the city has been taken over by Smash and Grab thieves , Gavin Newsom makes an announcement '' We've got to catch um" In less than a hr left for Mexico on holiday vacation with his family. Wont be back till after xmas. LOL #3: Los Angeles, Ca. thousands of homeless in tents with garbage everywhere. #2: Baltimore, Maryland, #1: Chicago, Illinois.

    Most states are in hot water, the problem is worst in states with a Dem governor alongside a Dem controlled legislature. Vote this party out of existence.

  12. Emilio Giles Alcántar

    And, kids… that's why soy milk doesn't help the boys to face the consequences.

  13. Dental record!? I thought we have the technology to do DNA test now.
    And how bad does the body had to be decomposed in a few weeks to the point its unrecognizable?
    Something doesn't add up here.

    They are just doing this to just shut the case and be done with it, I think the guy is still alive somewhere out there, probably thousands of miles away

  14. 359Joey thompson

    Perhaps Brian killed Jeffrey Eppstein?

  15. Where is the gun????

  16. Live free or die hard

    Lol these fake stories and staged events are stupid.

  17. Is there anything NBC doesn't lie about anymore? They don't even realize they are the real leftwing Fascists do they? George Washington is not happy with what these Progressive anti American Fascists are doing to America. None of this is new BTW.


  18. marie harris

    This is so weird, so Suspicious! My gut feeling is they faked his death. Family knows where he is.
    Just a gut feeling.

  19. Guys he's not dead, let's keep looking for baldo

  20. Brian and Gabby never existed. Yay Trump!

  21. he is 32 not 23

  22. Yeah right and my great grandpa was Hitler

  23. To all asking where the gun is how do you know they don't have it?

  24. Loretta Utti


  25. A month later he shot himself I DONT BELIEVE IT

  26. Amigo Grande

    I'm reading the comments and 90 percent are about conspiracy crap. The same types that think elvis,jfk,and John lennon are on an island in the pacific smoking joints and building fires for the past 40 years while airplanes drop supplies every week. And Jim morrison,jimi,and cobain are there too. And Brian Laundries parents paid someone so their son can go join them. Yep it's all a big lie,y'all got it figured out. The county that did the autopsy report is lying!!! They didn't report a gun. It must be a lie!!!! They found a notebook and it was still intact!!! Must be a lie!!! I don't believe everything everyone tells me,and I think there's definitely some hidden agendas out there,but this is not one of them.

  27. debra bolton

    Was a gun found?

  28. Coward

  29. of course. he was a bully, coward and a fraud.

  30. Its all a coverup. His family is trying to shew it all away. That guy is still in hiding.

  31. Its all suspect. Brian’s family had ties inside the police force and his relative was the dentist. I dont buy it.

  32. “Brian.” enough said

  33. Caroline Derry

    Who really cares how he died

  34. so his parents took the gun after he did it?

  35. vanessa shaw

    Bullies and batterers are always the biggest cowards. Rather than face what he did in a court of law he takes his own life and still never has to admit what he did to her and why. Controlling to the very end.

  36. Betsy The Hysterical Deaf Woman


  37. Only God knows what really happened.

  38. Kaitlyn Phillips

    The area where he was “found” had been underwater ~allegedly~, so once they located the bone fragments they probably sent that in immediately to line up with dental records so they could halt the search, it was costing millions per day (unsure of exact amounts) at times to find him. So the gun & the rest of the remains could be in the surrounding area, and at a pretty good distance too, water carries just like a flood but maybe less severe in this case. That’s being devil’s advocate though, it all is incredibly suspicious, and I hope now that they say it’s suicide by gunshot to the head that they return to the area and do a full search for other remains/weapons used etc

  39. Prayers for the Petito and Laundrie families.

  40. Austin Thompson

    Where was the gun and how do we know it’s him? Didn’t they find multiple bodies already that were missing because of this case? We need a full check of dental records and dna test. I’m not convinced this is even him and when was he even carrying a gun?

  41. so . . . . one question: How did he dispose of the gun after he shot himself? ? ?

  42. I'm sorry but this makes no sense. Seems they would've found a gun with bullet missing and they could've concluded it then. Why no mention of gun but it's ok to tell the whole world his autopsy results? Which would've been extremely difficult to actually determine?? They can say they found a bag, a notebook, but no gun? I'm not buying it…

  43. What a coward! He knew he was screwed and it was a matter of time before he landed behind bars for murder. So he took his own life.

  44. Here comes the useless conspiracy theories

  45. Coward.

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