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I get asked about HMO’s a lot at the moment. The most popular question I get asked is can you buy a HMO on a BTL Mortgage, which is smart question for anyone wanting to up their property investing game.

So in this video I’m going to cover if you can buy a HMO on a BTL mortgage and what the implications are. I run through the pros and cons for anyone wanting to continue their property investing journey.

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  1. What about if you had a standard BTL Mortgage and you convert your artic to 2 rooms and you now have over 5 rooms on 3 floors (HMO); what do you do about your BTL Morgage? Are you gonna change it to a HMO Mortgage or Just leave it alone?

  2. Should we get a buy-to-let mortgage for a property that we are going to convert into an HMO in the near future? What type of mortgage do we require in this instance?

  3. Great job Jamie. Would be interesting to watch your video about Landlord insurance. What cover and options must have and not e.t.c.