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Google Hangout #25

Insurance companies often offer little or no compensation to accident victims even when their clients are at fault. An aggressive team of personal injury lawyers can make a difference and completely change all that.

Welcome everyone to our twenty fifth Philadelphia accident and injury Google Hangout. My name is Rene and we’ll be talking with Rand Spear, Philadelphia’s car accident lawyer about a particular car accident case where the insurance company refused to accept responsibility but Rand Spear and his team of car accident attorneys were successful with the jury which awarded his client $2.7 million.

Hi Rand how are things in Philadelphia today

1. Hi Rand, tell us the story of your 35-year old client that had a major car accident at an intersection. (What did the defendant claim and did they offer any compensation?)

2. Describe your client’s injuries?

3. What approach did you take in order to convince the jury that your client was in the right and deserved justice and compensation?

4. How did the outcome change his life?

If you have a case in Pennsylvania or New Jersey related to any accident or injury please call Rand Spear the Accident Lawyer at

Or visit the firm at:

Thanks again for sharing your experience and knowledge with our audience Rand.

I want to thank everyone for participating today and I invite our audience to come back and hang out next time when we will be discussing a new and important topic.

Disclaimer: Information contained in this video should not be construed as legal advice. Content is for information purposes only. Nothing contained herein shall constitute an attorney-client relationship.

That’s all for now and goodbye.

Note: This is the case I am referring to:

· 35-year-old married male was a driver involved in an intersectional accident with defendant. Defendant alleged that plaintiff ran through a stop sign. Plaintiff sustained multiple injuries including herniated discs, nerve damage requiring surgery. Because of said injuries, plaintiff was disabled. No offer was initially made then an offer of $5,000 was rejected.

The Result: Jury verdict in favor of plaintiff and against defendant in the amount of $2,700,000.00.


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