New Cardano – Why Ada WILL CRUSH All Competitors – Charles Hoskinson

Cardano – Why Ada WILL CRUSH All Competitors – Charles Hoskinson

Charles Hoskinson, CEO & founder of IOHK, joins Ash Bennington, Real Vision senior editor, to discuss Cardano, how the project is progressing,

How We Are Making Huge Money with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies!

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Credit: Real Vision Finance
Cardano: The Smart Contract War Heats Up (w/ Ash Bennington & Charles Hoskinson)
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  1. Frost Colvaire

    If we make access to money/value universal and fair, we will no longer need governments and central banks, which have monopolized, and regularly manipulate currency to suit their needs. This is incredibly dangerous…for the oligarchs!

  2. Alan Barreto

    In CH we trust. Lol

  3. Did you know that Charles Hoskinson is only 33 years old?
    The whole time I thought he was 50.

  4. Wolverine of Wall Street

    Bonfire 🔥 safe moon 🌙

  5. Rhodes Exploration from Above

    But because of the amount of tokens cardano will never reach 1000$ because it will need 4trilions of market cap…this is what I read from others. Please tell me that they are wrong!!!!

  6. It’s going to do this it’s going to do that fuck all of it just tell me what it’s going to do to my pocket and make it fast not later

  7. Should I move my entire portfolio to ada?

  8. Billionaire? Upgrade your office/clothes

  9. Why does Hoskinson whine about everything tho? Kind of a turnoff..always complaining about something on his little low viewer podcasts

  10. Crypto Lunatic

    How come we never see Charles in a Cardano office with actual programmers?

  11. unauthorized user

    Ada is pumping right now so hard

  12. The Money High

    Decentralization is true freedom. The meek will inherit the earth.

  13. I am so happy that I am holding them since 3,5 years 🙂

  14. Metincan Tekşahin

    Bro make a vid on $DNT its gonna behuge

  15. emre BİÇER

    Just bought like 100$ worth of ADA and DNT let's goooo

  16. Yo I cant find this coin how to buy?

  17. Muhammed kadir Taş

    Lol I have like a 100000 DNT

  18. Batuhan TUĞRAL


  19. yo when alt season starts DNT coin gonna go crazy

  20. taha arabacı

    Let's go $DNT community best community

  21. Bilal Işık

    have faith man hodl all the way this

  22. Muaz Karaşal

    Can you make a video on how to buy $DNT?

  23. Ali Can Gündüz

    BUY THE DIP!! DNT to the moon


    I'm HODLING ADA and $DNT to the moon

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