New Career Planning : How to Become a Defense Attorney

Become a defense attorney by receiving an undergraduate degree, going to law school and finding jobs that specialize in criminal defense. Learn about working in a public defender’s office to hone skills as a defense attorney in this free video on job information from a career service specialist.

Expert: Stacie Royer
Bio: Stacie Royer is an exclusive career services specialist, and she is active in business and career networking throughout the Austin, Texas area.
Filmmaker: Todd Green


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  1. Kevin DeVore

    Interning at places will give one an idea of what they want to specialize and move towards those ends.

  2. The point was to give a broad 1 minute run down of the steps to becoming a defense attorney, as the title suggested. There is a lot more to it but those are the basics. I learned something and I am betting you did as well. Just because it didn't tell you how to apply for the schools and where to go and what to do, doesn't mean it didn't tell you how to become a defense attorney. Please, don't be so ignorant, there's too many people like that in this world already.

  3. You clearly have never been accused of something or had anyone close to you accused of something they did not do. Not everyone accused of something is actually guilty of it. Please take a lesson for life and do not be so ignorant and have some compassion and understanding.

  4. There are many scholarships, grants, and financial aide in place for those who can not afford school(grants and aide) and even more options for those who achieve and earn free money(scholarships). It is not easy but it can be done, and the only time the loans won't work is if you don't put forth everything in you to work hard and push your limits. Look around the web for information on these types of aide. Also when applying for schools they often will help you with them. Take that first step.

  5. thanx for the addvice… good video

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