New Cathie Wood Bitcoin – EVERYONE has it WRONG… a CRASH is Coming!

Cathie Wood Bitcoin – EVERYONE has it WRONG… a CRASH is Coming!

Ever since the explosion in Money Printing due to the coronavirus pandemic almost every notable investor has been sounding alarm bells about upcoming inflation. Warren Buffet, Ray Dalio, Michael Burry and Michael Saylor.

Interestingly since March of 2020, we have seen inflation numbers take off worldwide. However going against the crowd is notable investor Cathie Wood and her investment firm ARK invest believe the opposite is going to happen and we are going to see a DEFLATIONARY Crash instead. The World and the majority investors have prepared for inflation, stacking into Bitcoin, Gold and other inflationary hedges.

Catherine Duddy Wood or better known as Cathie Wood is the founder, CEO, and chief investment officer of Ark Invest. Also named as the best stock picker of 2020 by Bloomberg News, Cathie Wood manages the world’s largest actively traded ETF that focuses on disruptive technologies.

Cathie Wood has made her fortunes from being right when others are wrong. Tesla, Amazon, Square to name a few. So what is going on here? How can Cathie Wood be so Bullish on Bitcoin yet be convinced that we are going to see a deflationary crash as opposed to inflation. In this video, we will go over how Cathie Wood things everyone is wrong, why she thinks Deflation is coming and HOW she can remain so Bullish on Bitcoin with a 500K price prediction, if she doesn’t expect inflation.

The following is a clip from my interview with Michael Saylor, Founder and CEO of Microstrategy. To watch the full video:

Michael Saylor has risen to legendary status within cryptocurrency circles in the last 12 months, as his company has converted their entire balance sheet into Bitcoin. Microstrategy and Saylor now hold over 100,000 Bitcoin worth over $3 Billion dollars.

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0:00 “EVERYONE has it WRONG…” Cathie Wood
1:22 A deflationary CRASH is coming…
3:35 I ask the KING of Bitcoin what he thinks (SAYLOR!).
6:40 Cathie Woods Bitcoin Price Prediction… (HUGE)
7:21 The DEFLATION & Bitcoin paradox (Are they intertwined?) Cathie Wood

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  1. Carl Kligerman

    Micheal Saylor misunderstood Wood’s deflation call. One, QE takes money OUT of the real economy and into the financial system as reserves, if the credit impulse doesn’t grow inflation doesn’t occur: consumers are paying down debt and banks are not lending as much as they did post financial crisis, and those trends will likely continue. Two, structural inflation is caused by population and economic growth. Developed economies are shrinking, which again is deflationary. Third technology is delfationary, as autonomous vehicles and manufacturing expands wage growth and indeed the size of the labour market falls off which is, again, deflationary. Long term, that is over the next decade, the outlook is deflationary, although most people buy into the QE is money printing is inflationary myth. Government spending throughout the pandemic as indeed seen inflation but that is short term and unlikely to be sustained or increased long term; one look at the bond market shows you that the smart money is betting on deflation also. Wood is calling macro economic trends with greater insight and accuracy than most.

  2. Arthur Vasquez

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  3. I’m sorry, but her response to being bullish on btc in a deflationary environment was complete gibberish..

  4. Saylor or Wood, they're just like everyone of us. We all think we know what to expect but everything is rigged and manipulated. I am seeing today rising consumer prices. This could be developing as a trend and then we can speculate on in/deflation. We are all just gambling and hope for the best outcome. Don't look at graphs and don't listen to the news. Just enjoy your day and stay away. In the end, we will all be left with worthless [email protected] as long as we are at the receiving end of certain powers.

    I am just looking at pension funds. With unprecedented stock market performances there are still pension funds out there that can't cover the long/short term pension obligations. How can you keep trust in regulated organisations. Slowly the DEFI space will gain confidence IMHO.

  5. All About Music & Movies

    Really strange video. You seems to got everything wrong.

    Cathy Woods dont talk about deflation. She is talking about deflation in bitcoin.

    When you show the clip from Michael Saylor he is not talking about any deflation.

    And there is still no arguments for Bitcoin. Fun to see Cathy Woods compairing 50% Bitcoin drop to 08/09 market crash. What a looney if she doesnt understand the difference 🤣

  6. Awesome video,As a beginner,I made weak profit investing on my own but since I started trading with Mrs Camilla Margaret,I've made huge profit, her trading strategies are top notch coupled with the little commission she charges on her trade

  7. Kyle's Lifestyle

    Preeeeeach it. Im tired of everyone living in this delusion that bitcoin is on track for a new ath. Lol.

  8. Bear market is already here.

  9. Steven Hayden

    It’s not a crash lol it’s bitcoin Boeing down to big investors so they can get bitcoin cheaper then what it is once the super rich are happy with price it’s going to sky rocket lol it’s simple of what’s going on ok once the big dogs are happy then they will get way more rich then we can ever dream of have a great day !

  10. Jonny Nobody

    She lies and changes her mind too much. I think she is insane.

  11. Bruce Gelman

    54% drop in 3 months.What a bunch of morons.Stupid children playing with toys.Please Darwin thin this herd.

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  13. "EVERYONE is wrong", that is a big statement to make. I wish all these bold predictions came with guarantees, but they can't because they are almost always never even close.

  14. She so full of shit. What about oil, lumber and second hand cars?

  15. Godwin Lasisi

    TSOLUTION7 via 1g did a perfect work in recovering my lost coins.. An expert indeed

  16. Godwin Lasisi

    TSOLUTION7 via 1g did a perfect work in recovering my lost coins.. An expert indeed

  17. Bitcoin down the toilet pretty soon. Time to flush it.

  18. Gyath Carmel

    background music link?

  19. Kenneth Carter

    All my coins was just recovered this is unbelievable Leziohacks on |nstagram is just the right person for this thanks!

  20. Kenneth Carter

    All my coins was just recovered this is unbelievable Leziohacks on |nstagram is just the right person for this thanks!

  21. Hodl for 10 years

  22. Arthur Wazlawtschik

    I admire the efforts you put in this videos mate, digital currency continues to reshape the world globally, its hard for anyone going against them this days, though from a traders perspective I feel we really need more experienced experts in the field updating newbies / investors on how the community works. Crypto currencies are gradually moving towards something big and the price surge over the past few months is just the beginning of greater things to come. Lots of people are skeptical on when to buy-in the market and whether it isn't too late to buy an asset, when you're holding it could be but when trading it's never too late to buy. A trader with the right strategy and indicators earns big regardless of market prices (bulls or bears). I trade using signals from an expert Dr Owen Richard with her guide and signal service I've made over 35 b t c worth of crypto assets in 6 months. Only for crypto inclined issues and mainly for investment, connect her on telegram with @owenrichard)

  23. M2 calculation was changed last year. HTF can you compare M2? Also when you say "deflationary" you have to use a median avg over a longer period of time. Saying that lumber returning to normal median prices is deflationary is wrong.

  24. Ethan Lombard

    It's strange how people talk about all the profit they have been making through trading of bitcoin while I'm here not making any profit at all. Can someone put me through or recommend a trust worthy trader that can trade on my behalf and generate profit for me please.

  25. David do Carmo

    Bitcoin to 500k!
    Bitcoin to 0!

    Welcome to the influencers world.

  26. Nashtark 111


    US Justice Dept. is flagging specific transactions. The code used in thoses transactions lose 50% value.

    This is done so that Goldman Sachs new crypto portfolios get a low entry points.

    Wait for the Taproot fork.

  27. One week ago she was one of the bottoms dippers philosophers. What happened? Got emotional and panic sell?

  28. Duh we are in bear market

  29. Unfortunately, DeFi is excellerating head-long into derivatives/synthetics. Have we learned nothing?

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