New Chad Daybell Arraignment explained by a Criminal Defense Attorney

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Chad Daybell Arraignment explained by a Criminal Defense Attorney

Tonight I am joined by Joe Murray a criminal defense attorney to explain the court process and all that is going on in this case.

Joe Murray Attorney at Law Website here

Link to East Idaho and special thanks to Nate Eaton for his wonderful coverage!

Tonight I am joined by Joe Murray a criminal defense attorney to explain the court process and all that is going on in this case.

I am a Retired NYPD Police Detective and a 911 World Trade Center first responder who talks about Police, public safety. I cover current and past criminal cases also do breaking News stories.
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    thank you all so very much!

  2. Thank you for what you do and for your years of service at the NYPD !!!!’

  3. Connie Roberts

    Why hasn’t Melanie gibb been arrested yet

  4. Eleanor Ryan Ryan

    Both Lori and Chad are pathological liars… Won't take any responsibility for what they have done…. Chad was so socially awkward today… We have seen Meek Chad, no spine at all… He has got at least 118 years in Prison…if found guilty Or hopefully the better option the Death Penalty… The two of these people are a waste of space… Lori is still playing the game… I agree this Case is going to take years… They are evil beyond words and narcissist psychopath… Regards from Ireland 🇮🇪

  5. yes, it's a big coincidence Melanie Gibb was at the residence the weekend JJ went missing. I don't buy her story.

  6. Chad has cold snake eyes

  7. Did they think no one would notice the trail of dead bodies??!

  8. Is it Linda ? 😀

  9. When you say that Lori Daybell is competent to stand trial, although a state psychologist has deemed her incompetent and the prosecution withdrew its objection, how do you know this? Where did you receive your psychological training and when did you have an opportunity to evaluate her in person?

  10. Shaken, Not stirred

    I think this is a puzzle .. going back to the beginning .. The major piece of change in “ Lori” , is when she was corresponding with Chad and his teachings . All parties that knew her , said this from the beginning.. My thoughts are that he has hypnosis abilities and he saw Lori , as the weak and the wounded . It sounds crazy .. But , the pieces fit . He was looking for a new woman , but he needed to get rid of the baggage first .. Lori’s , brother was also a part of this plan of Chad’s, to get rid of the baggage and then after , he get got rid of him !!!!

  11. Misty Bricker

    I think Lori is the ring leader in all this. This started way before Chad. And she gotta be way off in the head to have her children killed. But she is plenty with it enough to stand trial. These people deserve justice

  12. The religious beliefs claimed by Lori & Chad as justification for murder is not going to work as a defense. For starters, there's the financial gain angle. Murder is not justifiable on religious grounds. If it were, then the jihad would be permitted.

    I'm sure Lori is freaking out now that this thing is finally baring down on her. I don't think for one minute she has a severe mental illness like schizophrenia. I think she'll be ready in 90 days. I surely hope she is.

  13. A tactic by the defefense to separate trails

  14. Your program keeps getting better and better. Looking forward to your experienced, dedicated and law abiding upcoming guests

  15. Janet Johnson

    I agree with you too on this, she's faking it.

  16. Janet Johnson

    I totally agree with you too!!! I can't stand it either when he says "Judge may we be excused", John Prior just bugs me!! 😝🥴🤪

  17. DutyRon you just told it as it is with your rant…spot on! Couldn’t have said it better, and yes she’s very manipulative and as I’ve said before, she will do anything and everything to delay court.

  18. Patricia Treslove

    It is an insult to people who really do have mental health problems

  19. Patricia Treslove

    I can't wait for Prior to start on Melanie Gibb

  20. Anne Bernadette

    HI RON IM NEW!!!!!!

  21. Candice Young

    This was a fantastic live. Thank you both so much. I look forward to tonight. 💙💙💙God bless

  22. I don't think Melanie Gibb is a hero by any means, but, the way people disappear, around Chad and Lori, once ppl have outlived their usefulness to Lori/Chad. I think she would have been next on the "death list." She's not a hero, but, I don't think she was naive and confused though interested in their ideas. I don't think she's a bad person. If Kay Woodcock feels safe and trusting enough to be-friend her, she can't be the devil himself. I trust Kay and Larry's judgment.

  23. I wonder if they were legally married. Sometimes on the Hawaiian beach is like they just have ceremonies but it’s not a legal marriage.
    I’d be curious to see if they had a marriage license filed .
    While Lori was sitting in prison, The phone calls that Chad made to her as they were searching his property. She was competent and aware of Everything on that phone call.As a matter fact she was very aware her responses were should I pray what should we do. She not once said why are they there. That shows 100% competence and aware of everything she’s not mentally ill or stupid

  24. NO…Chuckling Chin-Boy ain't wearing a wedding ring BECAUSE he's in JAIL…his personal items he had on him at the time of arrest were confiscated, items documented AND secured for WHEN he gets out of custody. which will NOT BE anytime soon! SO don't assume he is NOT wearing his wedding ring as an indication that HE and Lori have split the sheets. It doesn't MEAN ANYTHING!
    BUT JUST as The Chuckling Chin-Boy Chadster, PROPHESIED, his life had 2 segments. 1st segment is married, happy father, grandfather
    and 2nd segment is LIFE IN A CAGE to NEVER see the light of day UNLESS from inside a cage. Enjoy the new segment oh Wise and Holy-Man'o'gawd Chuckling Chin-boy Chadster….THIS was a CHOICE you made! SO…live with the consequences.

  25. Great audio and visual Duty Ron. Prior looks like he's ready to fight(someone stole his Lucky Charms). I think the Daybell kids are there for show—Prior probably insisted they come to look good for a jury. Continued prayers for Larry Kay and Colby for strength and healing for what they'll have to endure because of these monsters.🙌🙌😢🙏🙏💔💜💙

  26. Thank you for such an informative update, Dutyron. . This is such an involved case with so many moving parts. It seems like Lori’s claim of incompetency is just one more delay tactic to avoid the truth coming out.

  27. cheatednomore

    I cherish your lives DutyRon. Just the best & so much comradery here. You & Joe have a great synergy. I really like hearing Joe's opinions. I know people get riled sometimes when listening to defense attorneys. I can tell that Joe is a truly caring person. He cares about what has happened to Tylee & JJ & everyone who is no longer with us due to this kill team. Thanks both of you 😘

  28. DutyRon, this was a great show. Thank you. I believe Lori Vallow used her "religious belief" in "zombies" to justify murder for money. I also believe her "incompetency" is pure BS. THANK YOU for expressing YOUR true feelings about Lori trying to avoid prosecution. She knew what she was doing. There are too many dead people in Lori Shallows life for her to claim incompetency. Murders like this taking forethought, planning, and conspiracy. If she can understand THAT, she can understand what a judge is, what a jury is, etc. Now that Chad is no longer paying her way, she is trying to bail.

  29. Would love to know what went on in judges chambers before the trial. Lori reminds me of Casey Anthony with that cocky attitude of I can use my looks and manipulation tactics to get out of this. Hope it does not have the same out come.

  30. Great video DUTYRON and of course Joe Murray!
    I can’t buy what Lori is selling, why didn’t she lose it after the first murder or second or third? She conveniently loses her marbles when she’s caught. Did anyone find her crazy during that entire time , even while running with Chad?
    Yes, Joe called it regarding her competency, she’s just missing her crown and maybe some time at the spa should bring her convenient mind back! Rest a little, rot a lot!

  31. Connie Roberts

    I would volunteer to be on the fire squad if need be. I want justice for all these people

  32. I don’t ever think the religious zombie beliefs will ever work
    The zombies were only people in their way with insurance money

  33. Tanya Christensen

    How many people have children's bodies buried in their yard and have been proven innocent?

  34. I’m not a fan of the death penalty as I’d prefer they would live everyday with what they have done

  35. I think Chad sucked Lori in

  36. Great discussion dutyron and DA joe thank you both

  37. Unable or unwilling to to help with her defense i dont buy she dont understand whats going on and sorry bout the disrespect for an ex cop joe is way to bleeding heart as a lawyer

  38. Chad looks to be medicated. Creepy demeanour.

  39. Anthony Grau

    This is actually the biggest case Idaho has ever had. Woods. Even brough in a special prosecutor to handle the murder case with him! As woods has never had a case this huge an he is not into losing case of his lifetime

  40. Valarie Byford

    What a surprise right? When he is so blatantly guilty but not sure of what he actually took part in, he is still unbelievably guilty! Deny, Deny, Deny!!

  41. Roadlizardcu

    The lawyers are definitely building a wall of separation between Lori & Chad and for good reason. As others have mentioned the attitude change in Chad in court has definitely been coached. The strategies moving forward are going to be very interesting. Thank you Joe and DutyRon for another good program, Enjoyed.

  42. Carol Loving Alaska

    Sorry and sad I missed this live. Had good intentions of joining live. Here now for rewatch.
    Thanks to you @DutyRon and @Joe. 💜💜🦋

  43. The defense attorney always saying “may we be excused” and not speaking in the mic drives me crazy!

  44. Have The reality setting in with Chad? I think he looks afraid whitch is good 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  45. Lena Johnsson

    I know when I heard about Zombies that were in the game Rescident ewil.

  46. Lena Johnsson

    DutyRon I just feel so sorry for these people

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