New Changes! $1,400 Stimulus Check Update & Congress [April 2021]

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  1. T-h-a-n-k-s——F-o-r—-W-a-t-c-h-i-n-g——F-o-r—-G-u-i-d-i-a-n-c-e——A-n-d—-E-a-r-n-i-n-g——-I-n-v-e-s-t-m-e-n-t——

  2. Rebecca Lloyd

    I still have not received the 3rd stimulus check. I keep checking and it says they are still working to get all checks out and may not be eligible. I received the first 1, got second in my tax return. Is there a place that would verify if I am/Not? I think I should have received it by now.

  3. SIREN Offspring

    Well, sure glad I kept my job instead of getting a year of with extra pay while letting the taxpayers and workers pay for it all while I set my ass.

  4. John Buchholz

    If the democrats can get it done without the republicans. Just do it they havent included the dems for all the money theyve given to the rich. Or much of anything else.

  5. Life’s Adventures

    Get a job and you’ll get a stimulus check every 2 weeks.

  6. Tibor Gyányi

    Safemoon and NFTART are the bangers! HODL 😉

  7. Stoned Lucifer_420

    Someone please help me out. I filed my 2020 taxes back on February 12 on turbotax. Got emails saying my taxes and stimulus got accepted. Checked IRS tool said it was being mailed out March 26 2021 informed delivery showed a thing for the stimulus check April 2 2021. Still haven't gotten it. And I'm waiting on all three stimuluses. Worried someone might have stole it. Note**Not on ssi and no bank account being mailed

  8. randy campbell

    Is it true that we may get another check?or is this old news.

  9. Thanks for this information

  10. I would like a answer as to why every media person have a different dollar amount is someone talking out their ass ??? Or is just simply a dumbass????

  11. todd bufford

    The world should know about you and Melissa Ethridge no

  12. Juan Gonzalez

    If they do give another stimulus will it get removed or considered ahead payment from our 2021 taxes ?

  13. I’m having a baby this month … do I qualify for the child tax credits.,?? Thanks

  14. are we having 4th stimulus check I heard yes

  15. The Demoncrats dangle a little carrot in front of you with $1400, yet they give Illegals in New York a $15,600 lump sum stimulus check! I figured out that this guy was put here to distract you! Love at this shiny object over here while we steal 3.9 Trillion dollars over here! Only 6% is going for Infrastructure. The other 94% is going to the Demoncrats pet project Green New Deal Globalist Reset! They are making American Taxpayers pay for all of this. SOROS SAYS IT'S NOT ENOUGH! THEY WANT $10 TRILLION DOLLARS FROM THE AMERCAN TAXPAYERS! THEIR AIM IS TO CONTROL US!!!! WHY NOT GIVE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE $15,6000 INSTEAD OF ILLEGALS!!!!!! THAT IS $2.6 BILLION DOLLARS! WE ARE BEING PLAYED BY THE LYING DEMONCRATS PEOPLE!!!!!

  16. Enthusiast2024

    Holy inflation. Fuck, Congress, please stop.

  17. Verron Johnson

    She still hasn’t received her federal income tax yet and it’s past the window given

  18. Verron Johnson

    My friend and I still haven’t gotten anything yet!

  19. Verron Johnson

    I still haven’t gotten my stimulus money!!!

  20. Do you have a video in how to invest in doge coin or crypto currency. Or the way to invest in a Roth ira or ira for dummies ?

  21. TheVac Cannon

    In March my EIDL showed Summited
    April 7 it showed approved
    April 9 it showed funded
    April 12 $9,000 grant was in my account

  22. Is there another stimulus coming? That last one paid debt from this pandemic

  23. Alicia Garcia

    Hey kevin is there going to be another number 4 stimilus? I sure hope so… And if so, how much?

  24. Yikes, so 9 times they can spend our country into the ground? Scary 😱😱

  25. Are we getting another one?

  26. pun pun Productions

    I haven’t received any stimulus check or my tax refund and I filed feb 4th 😞

  27. More information needed about plus up payments please.

  28. SwishaMane420

    Dudes beard is sideways. Try to unsee it….

  29. Stimulus oh uh i mean infrastructure.

  30. Anthony wilkerson

    So if I didn't get the 1200 I get it with plus up

  31. Robert Mason

    Anybody know a good tax attorney?

  32. Desmond Foley

    Can ANYONE claim this $10,200? Or is it just the people the government paid high bonuses every week for being unemployed? How about if my work hours changed and I made about $15,000 less than I did in 2019? Can I claim for a $15,000 rebate?

  33. Kimberly Lindsey

    Finally got our IRS tax return but still waiting for the latest stimulus ( we filed mid-February and didn’t qualify in 2019…but do for 2020). When might the stimulus be sent out????

  34. Chris Riestra-Schneider

    Any update on the 10k unemployment tax exemption for people who have already filed their 2020 taxes?


  36. So is it safe to file our 2020 taxes yet?

  37. Theodor Williams

    Bitcoin is the feature investing in it now is the wisest thing to do now especially the current rise
    despite all the economic crisis this is the right time to start up an investment

  38. Stars Aligned

    Hey Kevin I filed my taxes but was on unemployment due to the pandemic last year… was I supposed to get that money back?

  39. Syndicate Salute

    Update please

  40. All government web sites, and portals suck. Navagating them is like being lost in a maze and I think they do it on purpose.

  41. Philippines YouTube Academy

    Democrats breaking all of the rules again, like usual

  42. Rebecca Hale

    Hey Kevin, I'm on disability and I haven't gotten my 1400.00 yet

  43. Kenneth Ferguson

    chase bank V.A. direct deposit NOthinG

  44. Alicia Garcia

    Hey kevin! My son told me about you so im starting to get into your awsome channel! Luv it.. keep it up!

  45. Sally Fisher

    I am against all this crazy spending.

  46. Jaqueline Alvarado

    Its 2000 not 14000

  47. H. Camacho Osuna

    Thanks.. I highly appreciate your videos. Have a good Good day.

  48. smartazz beuch

    I work, paying all my bills, but because of the economy, I am just not making the same. I need sleep too… I am already working 18rs day! need another stimulus, Uncle!

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