New chennai police lawyer fight viral video | Advocate Police Fight| BMW lady fight |lawyer fight viral

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police lawyer fight video
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  1. Venum police ku lam…for their arrogant behaviour…whole TN knew about police man behaviour especially traffic police

  2. I heard a different view from the lady…..heard the police used sexual abusive language and only then she reacted like that….

  3. Mulusa therinjukkama ipdi video pooduratha niruththunga…
    Ithula comment LA judgement ey kudukkuranga namma Makkal…
    Oru video paatha Odaney yaaru thappu Ivangalukku ellam therinjuruma…
    Police video Edutha maathiri police Asingama pesunatha yaaru video eduppa…
    Apdiyee pakkathula irukkuravanga video eduthalum antha police ellam Ungala edukka vitturuvaangalaa… Anga than avanga power ah kaatuvaanga…

  4. This lady seem to be like Kalakeyan's Sister.🤼🤔
    Nimmddaa… Gojrass thelmii..
    Aardha bhos.. Kkraakvikana Bhhumle..
    Unu Kaasthaa..peezzraaa..
    RoopuveeMinn.. Bahathhee
    Zarathraamaa mahashmathee..

  5. இதை செய்ய சொன்னது தமிழ்நாடு அரசு. இந்த நிகழ்வை சட்டம் படித்த அந்த அதிமேதாவி முதலமைச்சர் பிரிவுக்கு கொண்டு செல்லலாமே.

  6. Lawyer thinks they rule the democracy and police thinks they control the democracy but when common people defy you both , your job is meaningless ….always know to give equal respect to fellow human beings as no one in this world is superior to others . If you think you are superior to someone , then we have Ambani Adani Tata And if the think they are superior to others , then we have Bill Gates , Warren Buffett and if they think they are superior to others , we have almighty God . No fellow human being is superior to anyone

  7. In this case it's her mistake. See other video's the cops use singular language on public.