New Chief Justice’s ruling on Elections Petition 88 to be appealed – Attorney for APNU/AFC

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Despite the ruling handed down by the Chief Justice, Mdm. Roxanne
George, on Monday, declaring that neither Order 60 nor section 22 of Guyana’s constitution is unlawful, APNU/AFC attorney at law, Mayo Robertson, is declaring that the petitioners remain resolute in their belief that the 2020 elections were fraudulent while stating that they will be appealing the CJ’s ruling. Wendell Badrie has the details


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  1. Robertson never won a court case another frivolous court appeals case the elections are over Guyanese are tired of apanu afc antics disruptive obstructionist methods the world certified the elections was fair and free democracy prevail dictatorship was defeated leftist opposition should support progress and prosperity for Guyanese

  2. The AG and the Chief Justice legally justifies there is no merit to the Petitions resulting in Madam Justice Roxanne George dismissing the Petitions thereby upholding the rule of Law. My view is the Govt the AG PPP and the Chief Justice have to honour Jurisprudence and legally address the appeals from APNU AFC as a result of the current ruling.