New China to Donate 3,000,000 COVID-19 Vaccines to Afghanistan

Afghanistan’s neighboring countries including China, Pakistan, Iran, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan convened the first meeting of foreign ministers on Wednesday via video link, signaling the establishment of the coordination and cooperation mechanism among Afghanistan’s neighboring countries.

Wang Yi announced that China has decided to urgently provide 200 million yuan (30.96 million U.S. dollars) worth of grain, winter supplies, vaccines and medicines to Afghanistan, according to the needs of the Afghan people.

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  1. So zh give vaccine to afghanistan after north korea reject it then.

  2. America will also donate. Donate more drone strikes on civilians.

  3. Dennisestrada01

    Are they haram free? Otherwise keep it swine CCP

  4. Investing in crypto is the best way to earn financial freedom….

  5. That’s vaccine politics! At the mean time, Kamala was touring around Asia doing the same, but called alliance aids! 😂

  6. Nigel Fletcher

    So less views

  7. China is exercising world leadership. The US could have been giving vaccines, but didn't.



  9. Love from Bangladesh to China ❤️❤️

  10. The Taliban is our closest ally in the world, we share so many common values, we should be sending more vaccines.

  11. Long live the beautiful and the great China

  12. immortalideas2020

    China, they are talking the talk and walking the walk. Aren't like some people who think that everything is about skin color. If China continue to embrace the world as they are doing, I don't see anything on this planet which could stop it.

  13. No Brand YT User

    China the real defenders and protectors of the Earth

  14. Tony Oei 黄忠正

    China supports Afghanistan a lot. It's okay. In fact USA & its lapdogs hv the obligation to do that. They must pay. They hv demolished Afghanistan & its ppl.

  15. Soon Heng LIM

    very generous of China … question is, does Afghanistan want to be vaccinated?

  16. The goal of china is to lift Afghanistan from poverty and provide development assistance and broader geopolitical stability
    Bravo china

  17. Some propaganda news said taliban banned covid vaccination

  18. Karyanto Chandra

    Wang Yi, the busiest Foreign Minister in the world. good job MR. Wang

  19. Mighty China with mighty heart. Take a bow to our new number one world leader China!

  20. Asian culture care. 🇨🇳👏

  21. theodore lambert

    Goodluck to Taliban Sinovac and sinopharm same result same efficy 1%.

  22. Thillay Ambalam

    Next puppet is Afghanistan .

  23. I wonder how many vaccines the NATO and EU countries bothered to donate.

  24. India too also wanted to donate vaccine to Aghanstan…but scare America angry..

  25. WalkingTime Bomb

    Not only China had been donating vaccine all over the world.. America too donated vaccine to our country but then only difference is IT IS EXPIRED..! Biden knew about it and to get rid of Pfizer vaccine.. He donated it to Malaysia..
    In America we trust.. NAHHHHHHHH..!

  26. istiaque hossain

    Positive response from china, China Pakistan Russia Turkey Qatar Iran should build close ties with Taliban

  27. Brenda Colvin

    That's China!❤

  28. mystic traveler

    China is a real leader and making history with their humanitarianism.

  29. Well done China 🇨🇳

  30. Well China 🇨🇳👍👍👍👍

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