New Choosing a Lawyer: How to Find a Lawyer & How to Choose a GOOD Lawyer

So you’re looking for a lawyer, huh? There is a lot that goes into choosing a lawyer. Get some insider tips (from an actual lawyer) on not just how to find a lawyer, but how to choose a good lawyer and find the RIGHT lawyer for you.

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  1. Solid video, thanks.

  2. Rami StillRami

    Always avoid the lawyers who have ex clients who want to kill them. Also avoid lawyers who will not accept Russian gangster clients. Avoid lawyers that have no pupils- just black hole eyes to hell. Immediately leave prospctive lawyers who ask how much money you have in liquid assets. Any lawyer who has checked out your home or business property online (he's going to take it). A lawyer that persuaded you to litigate when you're actually trying to settle privately but with a court order. At 5 minutes passed the free interview, if your prospective lawyer wants to now charge the full 35minutes then simply leave, don't look back. If you've engaged a lawyer but he calls you everyday painting the worst horrific scenario whilst charging £50 for 4 mins then feel lucky and cancel his retainer immediately. A bad lawyer will crucify your soul & undermine any good character because they like to make everyone evil like themselves so they can feel normal. .

  3. Murtaza Alizada

    So helpful thank you so much

  4. CodingEvelynMiami

    A lawyer once recommends the site, I am not sure if this what you consider a directory you mention to avoid at minutes 5:217:00. Please let me know if I should avoid this website base on ratings.

  5. Andreas cool

    Really, I had a person injury so I went for a divorce lawyer, God, is that how you choose a good lawyer?! I didn't know that I had to go to a personal injury lawyer!! Thanks for the tips

  6. I'm up early this morning researching information, when I found your page, and saw that it was the most recent information shared from an Attorney. Thank you for putting it all so eloquently in context….easy to understand and filled with basic yet very important outline of what to know when looking for an Attorney. I took plenty of notes.

    Thank you Kindly,
    Miz. Dale
    Charlotte NC

  7. what type of lawyer do you need when you want to sue the builder of your new home?thanks

  8. Discovery calls to Divorce lawyer

  9. Taylor Hurlocker

    Super Awesome!

  10. Lamar Wilson

    First i must say i love your content and delivery. What are your thoughts on consulting a lawyer when writing a book?

  11. Sajid Hussain

    Ok Wow! this was extremely educational and useful even for a seasoned/over-ripe professional like myself..

  12. 7:15 mark — 5. Does the attorney carry malpractice insurance?

  13. Words and Pictures

    "… finding someone you like as a human … " Absolutely loved this! Thank you so much for doing this video Aiden!

  14. dwight taylor

    Awesome video just what I expect

  15. Jesus Garcia

    Very valuable information like always. Thank you!

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