New Chris Harrison UPDATE- New Details Of His Bachelor Departure- LAWYER Played HARD BALL

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Chris Harrison exits the Bachelor franchise after bringing ammo to the negotiating table. Chris Harrison receives a large 8 figure settlement after deciding to walk away.

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  1. Lauren is still with Chris & I heard she took a leave from ET for awhile.

  2. After watching Katie Thurston's season I'm
    finished with all the show's, Podcasts and Blogs.

  3. Rachel went on the show to date a black guy, how can she he racist? She took a photo years ago? I’m lost… people need to get a life

  4. I stopped watching the Bachelor, I don't think Chris is racist … he is human

  5. this must have been asked somewhere in one of comments somewhere but i'm wondering if Chris ever reached out to Rachel (Lindsay) or vice vs.? i think that communication could have led to a lot of growth & understanding (or more exposure…?)

  6. No way is sweet Chris a racist, the show had much diversity and Rachel wouldn't be where she is had it not been for Chris. His compassionate nature he is sincere when he is on the show speaking to the contestants that comes to him when they are an emotional wreck. The show will NEVER be as good without him.

  7. Roses & Rose is not a Bachelor show. It was a segment of Entertainment Tonight & she is still a host on the show. She is not doing the Roses & Rose' segments at this time.

  8. We will never know. I am sure a "gag order" was part of the Chris Harrison 💰 deal. I do not like the guy i think what was in his heart really came out with his original comments on Access tv and it is time for a new host or hostess anyway. I think a male and a female should host the Bachelor and Bachelorette and it should be major fans of the show in Hollywood (example, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher said they love the show they were guests on Rachel Lindsey's season) or former contestants who are loyal to the show and keep it positive. David Spade is a douche! Sorry! he'll be trying to date the hot females behind the scenes!! 🙈🤦🏾🤣

  9. I am sorry to see Chris go. I think he was in a hard spot. He was told to defend RK for the show. He is very comfortable talking with Rachel and I think he forgot he was on camera and not just sitting and shooting the shit in her living room. He did not listen to her and did cut her off. I agree. He was defending the wrong side. But he was a frontman for the show doing what he was told to do and honestly had worked many times before. That doesn’t make it right. I am sorry to see that making a mistake ends his career with the show. Again I think it’s the show not stepping up. They left him hanging. Glad he got a lot of money from them. They’ve made millions off him. Good luck to Chris.

  10. CH seems basically like the Bachelor franchise’s fall guy so they can try to bring the show into this century… so far this bachelorette season is a fail. Again using past contestants who hardly seem ready for an engagement (you think they might have learned after Matt James) & completely ignoring alternative lifestyles while padding the contestant pool with as many minorities as possible. It’s all a little clumsy & becoming dated. Even the previews of future episodes where men are paraded in front of Katie naked (or enough so to block it out) is completely unacceptable behavior if the genders were reversed. This show needs a total revamp to be brought into the woke era.

  11. I think the show is going to go down hill now. I watched the premiere and it didn’t seem the same. I really didn’t like it! Don’t think I’ll continue to watch.

  12. I personally feel that the Bachelor, Bacholerette, Bachelor In Paradise will not last long. This is so sad.

  13. It’s hard to feel sorry for someone who’s getting an 8-figure severance pay😅

  14. Maybe Lauren Zima will write a tell all secrets book… Nobody paid her eight figures.

  15. I felt all along that the powers that be directed him to defend Rachel (the winner) at all cost and then when it back fired, he became the fall guy. Just shows there is no real growth from the franchise or studio. Chris Harrison is not the real problem, he was just the face and the fall guy.

  16. CH needs to send Rachel Lindsay the biggest bouquet of roses money can buy. He was going to leave anyway, he just milked that interview controversy for all it's worth. He never would have retired with this kind of payout any other way. Score!

  17. I still don't get it. Think of cover ups in past. People were quiet and weren't paid 8 figures!

  18. I feel like the producers wanted to get rid of Chris Harrison. Why only they know, but I their don't think their hands were forced.

  19. Totally agree with you Dave! Sick of people getting mad at the employee, the employer Bachelor producers who dropped the ball.

  20. Chris knows all of the convos and decisions based on race and The Bachelor for the last 20 years. I am sure he has some mega-nukes with that info.

  21. The thing is racism is not an opinion or a “bad day at the office” he was also an executive producer, he had power within the show.

  22. I have thought for years, since watching the series UnReal (written and produced by a woman, who was a previous producer on the Bachelor for like 5/6 seasons), and hearing so many interviews from former contestants about the serious manipulation that goes on by producers, there is so much crap we do not see! Jason Mesnick (Bachelor, years ago) said he could not break up with his first choice (Melissa) and ask his second choice, Molly, for another chance, without going on live television. The show wanted to insult Melissa, and monopolize on the ratings. Jason and Molly were tortured in the media for some time after that. They didn't give two shits about any of them! I realize all these people sign contracts with ABC, when they agree to go on the show, but they are told then, the producers can do whatever the F**K they want with the footage. People are made out to be villains when they are not, there is an abundance of alcohol and sleep deprivation. I have NO DOUBT Chris Harrison knows so much dirt the executives at ABC – never want for public consumption.

    I was not a fan of Chris Harrison's response to Rachel Lindsay's interview – NOT at all; he was so ignorant, and racially insensitive! However, now we know, Matt James' choice WAS Rachael Kirkconnell. Therefore, it makes a little bit more sense why Chris was defending her. I am in no way making excuses for Chris, though. I really think that whole ending to the show (with Matt, choosing to not give her a chance and being so cold to her, again was pressure on him, and producer manipulation). I could be wrong though. They are back together now, so that is huge reason why I think that way. But who knows? I am not privy to their relationship in private?

    Anyway, I don't blame Chris Harrison for going after ABC in this way – I have not enjoyed the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise as much in the past few years. It's just not the same for me, for all the aforementioned reasons.

  23. Lauren works for Entertainment Tonight which is owned by CBS Media Ventures. The bachelor is on ABC which is owned by Disney. I highly doubt that ABC is paying Lauren Zima as she is not their employee. So if she stops covering the show, it’s not because of payment. Ultimately it’s up to ET to decide what she covers.

  24. Congrats Taylor Nolan you started the movement and made a privledged white man go from rich to filthy rich. But hey at least he lost his job!!!! We sure showed him girl so Amazing wow u made us history ☺️

  25. In addition to everything you’ve mentioned, wasn’t Chris an executive producer? He also owned a portion of the show. It wasn’t just an employer/employee relationship, it was a buyout. Thanks for the update