New Chris McNabb defense attorney in closing statement: 'There's just not any evidence'

Chris McNabb and Cortney Bell are on trial for the 2017 murder of their 2-week-old daughter Caliyah. Lawyers made closing statements in the 6-day-trial on Tuesday.


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  1. Stephanie Martinez

    The older guy to the left of the prosecutors table is 🤩🤤 especially while he stares down that lousy of a lawyer whilst chewing his gum ever so aggressively 😍🥰😆😂

  2. Mitchiko Murphy

    your lawyer sucked

  3. Kerry Eckrote

    OMG this attorney is awful. He just convinced me of his clients guilt.

  4. He could of not said im tried of the baby. I think whatever happend was an accident and he panicked and threw her quickly. She was found with thier things his bag not too far away. Laywer says he wanted to be with his baby. Ok sure he has been getting high thow. So his not thinking my baby girl. He was thinking about getting high. He is know to be a user.

  5. alyson easton

    This poor defense attorney

  6. Brennox Wallace

    I think the parents should both be in prison. For her murder specifically? Maybe not but for negligence and putting her in that situation to begin with. I also think whoever made the decisions to allow her to leave the hospital with those freaks should also be held accountable. Had someone truly cared and taken that baby from those meth heads, put her in a loving home with her sister she’d be alive today. So CPS should 100% be held accountable every single time they allow these parents, who they KNOW are always high to have the freedom to take a sweet innocent baby home. They KNOW what kind of people they are yet they send them right on home with a little innocent baby. So yes, every time this happens, the CPS workers involved and agree to let the parents take the babies home should be held accountable and maybe, just maybe less babies will die or be severely harmed 😭

  7. Why would he jack off in front of a women while in jail??
    Nobody knows, therefore he didn’t do it!!
    🤦🏻‍♂️ dumbass

  8. Taquioya Hall

    Whoever did this needs to own up. A baby is gone so sad.

  9. Connie Murillo

    cause he was on crack that is why. have you been around people on crack? they hallucinate. it was his crack head aunt who moved the body.

  10. Kelli Bramlett

    Her yawning continuously is extremely unprofessional. At least cover your mouth so the courtroom can't really see it. My God

  11. Dolly Madison

    "Why would he put her in his own bag?" 🤔 Maybe bc that was the only one available to him, perhaps? I mean, what does he think he'd do after killing his baby…run over to the neighbors trailer: "Uhh, you have an extra bag you can spare?" (I'm not offering an opinion guilt or innocence, just answering question that's silly..IMO)

  12. Maria Gonzalez

    These so called parents are pure evil in so many ways.

  13. gonna put this on mp3 audio file to help me sleep at night lool, glad justice was served though poor baby.

  14. Why the hell was Chris,s under wear in the kids room anyways?

  15. Rylee Phillips

    He didn’t do it. It was her. You can see the way she looks at him like “please take the charges for me”
    And he did without a chose

  16. Amelia Perez


  17. Was Shane looking for some ko.d of immunity?

  18. Did their 2 yr old say anything!?.

  19. The girl did because she caught him talking to a Chic on the Facebook so she used their child as revenge and now she’s blaming Chris. I believe Chris McNabb is Innocent 💯

  20. Jessica Williams

    Does anyone else think it was Shane Kidd or whatever his name was? He was making up messages, told them he sent them a text that said Chris better get down on his knees and pray for whatever he did to that baby in which he was actually referring to himself that needed to get down on his knees and pray for what he did to that baby while the parents slept on the couch..

  21. mary ann morris

    That baby didn’t deserve to die and the defendants attorney wants the parents to walk off free and clear. I would never use that attorney over the momma attorney.

  22. jlateralus21

    He was studdering and missing his words. I think he should've practiced this over and over and over again until he sounds smooth like Johnny Cochran…

  23. Artisan Motion

    You cant sleep on meth.

  24. face up or lace up, give me a break. The weakest guy at my gym would wreck that fake tough guy

  25. Kathy Benoit

    I don't think chris did this

  26. I think that babies mama killed her. There is something wrong with that woman’s energy.

  27. michelle hood

    I dont think he did it.i think he was the perfect framed.

  28. onewayoflife4249

    Is this man really a qualified Attorney? It’s almost as though he knows McNabb is guilty & he is trying to confuse the Jury with his garbled speech!!!

  29. Is it just me or is Mcnabb's defense attorney… abysmal? I mean, is this his very 1st trial? Sheesh!

  30. Who side is he on 😂 he gotta be court appointed

  31. Hope E Cochrane

    I feel like these two are definitely shitty parents, but there is zero conclusive evidence that either parent did this. It is all heresay. At first I tbought it was him until I realized I was being prejudice in my judgement of him based on his looks and lifestyle. I feel like someone else could have done this. For what reason? I have no idea. Their circle of friends is seriously questionable. If Chris did it, I believe it's possible that he was so high, he doesn't remember. Drugs do things to people. It's certainly no excuse, but It's a reason… I believe they loved their daughter, but had a serious drug addiction..

  32. Whisper Gray

    These comments suprise me.. maybe you didn't see the rest of the trial and evidence? Believing this defense attorney, you would have to be very gullible. ' He said he was a good father so it must be true' 🙄

  33. louise grimwood

    maybe he did it in a fit of rage by accident and freaked out maybe

  34. Dirty South Bushcraft and MMA

    "Shane Kidd is absolutely unbelievable in this case"
    Oh, is that why you and Courtney's attorney BOTH looked like fools trying to catch him in a lie unsuccessfully? That dude told the truth

  35. pinkpastelhearts

    was chris fucking around with that courtney morris girl cause it sounds like it.

  36. Michael Wilson

    Here's a man with Tattoos on his face and a drug habit. Prosecution: "Look at him, he had to do it". Sorry that's what I saw in this trial. I think he did it. I really do but it was not proven in the LEAST. That's what the U.S.A is about. GUILTY BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DAUGHT!!! I couldn't and wouldn't vote guilty. I just couldn't.

  37. His lawyer is terrible

  38. I dont see how these two were convicted. Were they considered crappy parents of course, no one disputes this, but …if this baby had its head bashed in, wheres the object/s that did it? Wouldn't there have been blood in their home? By the looks of their home it wasnt cleaned in quite sometime, so there was no bleach evidence or signs of a clean up. Did the cops even luminol the home or finger print it for questionable people in and out of the home? And how is it they had codiver dogs out and never found the infant, but someone else did the next day. The behaviors of these methheads, although questionable and of great disdain, and questionable behaviors at times, doesnt ever prove they the parents murdered this infant baby. :/ so sad. Very sad. They need a re trial and another investigation in this infants murder imo. And look closely at the individuals who were at the vigil, that testified and or was in their meth circle. A new set of eyes on this case too.

  39. 11:15 (and MANY minutes well before) who the hell is that woman at the desk (long brown hair, looking completely strung out, sitting next to the other gal
    " taking notes"on yellow paper, behind Chris's defense lawyer?

  40. Crystal Dean

    this defense lawyer is awful at his job. he doesnt know how to defend a case. He reallly is poor lawyer ….

  41. This Attorney is Horrible ….

  42. Not guilty!!! These two were a lot of things, but they aren’t murders and I can’t believe a jury found them guilty. Travesty of justice.

  43. Makes me wanna go help Chris McNabb myself!!! This attorney did a great closing!

  44. How the hell did this cat get get convicted? This is sad sad sad! I hope dude at least gets an appeal.

  45. Marilyn Sorensen

    Um he was methed out of his mind

  46. Marilyn Sorensen

    He took his cloths to change in case he got bloody or dirty

  47. Marilyn Sorensen

    Chris is a meth head out of his mind yes he did it the mom knew and they were trying to cover it up

  48. Marilyn Sorensen

    At night it might have been hard to find it

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