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Ohio personal Injury attorney – Anthony Castelli, is a greater Cincinnati bodily injury lawyer that wants to make life easier for you in dealing with your injuries caused by someone who did not care and their insurance company that even cares less about you. He offers to help you estimate the value of your personal injury claim. And if you decide you want his help he vows to fight with all his heart for you. With this goal in mind, Anthony released his 2012 personal injury pain and suffering settlement calculator, this guide for Ohio residents seeking a personal injury attorney in Ohio, will help them estimate how much money their personal injury insurance settlement claim may be worth. The calculator helps plaintiffs add up their past and future medical expenses, past and future loss of earnings, and past and future pain and suffering and looks at all the damages you may be entitled to for your Ohio bodily harm . With this guide and the help of an experienced accident injury lawyer you can put yourself in a better position to keep the wolves at bay and get the compensation you deserve to make you whole. Though I know life may never be the same for you. This valuable resource can be downloaded from the following link:


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  1. Anthony Castelli

    Gary great comment totally on point. personal injury victims with serious injury have a difficult road. but we can smooth the way

  2. Gary Christmas

    This is where some attorneys drop the ball. Each of us should remember that we are in practice to serve the clients. It is not the other way around,

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