New [Client Review 2021] Freehold Express Mortgage Services and Mortgage Plan Review

In this video Freehold Express client Amanda Hawke shares her experience working with Freehold Express to help source the right mortgage loan options and create a mortgage payment plan designed to help her and her family achieve their financial goals.

Video Recap

– Amanda had been a with her current lender for 8 years but was still looking at a 12-20 year mortgage term

Amanda and her husband went to their lender and tried to implement all the strategies the recommended including making extra payments and increasing their payments but still struggled to reach their goal of paying off their mortgage in under 10 years or less.

The Freehold Express Mortgage calculators took all of Amanda’s financial information and goals into consideration and showed her she could be mortgage free in under 5 years rather than 12 + years which made it a no brainer to get on the phone to learn more.

Dennis took Amanda and her husband through what was possible and with the help of the Freehold Express team found great mortgage offers and created a plan designed to meet Amanda’s Goals.

In addition to getting all the ducks in a row and doing all the heavy work, Dennis provided Amanda and her husband with a valuable mortgage education to help them understand how lenders work and how to leverage the resources they have to get ahead faster.

Amanda and her husband are blown away with their results and are not on track to be mortgage free in under 5 years thanks to Dennis and the Freehold Express team.

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