New CNN's Berman reads Fauci's emails. Watch his response

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Dr. Anthony Fauci called criticism of his emails, which were revealed via a Freedom of Information Act request, where he was being thanked by the head of a medical company that is funding research at the Wuhan, China, virology lab for saying the Covid-19 origin was started by natural causes.
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  1. Why aren’t they displaying the number of dislikes…they got too soft and doesn’t wanna see the REAL numbers

  2. Does it matter that about half of Americas don't think Fauci is credible? He should resign

  3. This video is owned by dumb conspiracy theorist my god 🤦‍♂️ educate your people America PLS for the love of god

  4. This is a state media. It teaches us to hate our history, our heritage, ourselves, and each other. Outgroup bias is not a virtue.

  5. Fraudy should be in fucking PRISON. Why should the Wuhan lab thank him if he was just speaking the truth? The species of bats that carry Covid type viruses don't live in or near Wuhan, but they ARE kept in the lab.

    Wake up!! We are being played by a career bureaucrat that cares more about politics and job security than science.

  6. fake cnn…Clinton News Network …Pathetic and how are they not under yet?

  7. Do you know what it’s like a joke man what’s funny what is the joke why is this guy sitting up here with a big old cheese on his face like Kool-Aid busting out the commercial

  8. Just answer the damn question be transparent it doesn’t take 20 words to answer a question

  9. Maybe the origin has the big smile on their face like it’s a joke when people lie they give off certain signs The big one is just a laugh it off

  10. When it comes to "human history" most viruses are natural? Of course. But how long have humans being manipulating viruses? 20 years or so. And nobody has suggested the Chinese intentionally did this. The theory is that the Chinese lab was negligent and unintentionally released it. This Fauci guy is "straw-manning" left and right.

  11. And CNN quit cuddling these damned murderers and these damn fools seek the truth out you used to be really good at your job you become pansies

  12. Fauci you're a disgrace to the 80 million Americans who see you for who you are and we're not against the science we're against you they better fire you you better step down

  13. Pathetic that they call themselves journalists…😔😔😔 is this an interview or a promotion? Cuz I can’t tell…

  14. And orange man was exagerating, lying, ?????? Yeah , Faucci do get real, tell the truth.

  15. Imagine living in USA. Embarrasing country – totally shattered, divided and absolutely no real democracy. Im not Pro Trump, but you have a 78 year old mental challenged president and Kamala H as Vice.. wow… just wow… Shame om you and your leaders. Kind regards Denmark and rest of the world who's laughng at you.

  16. Fauci, is like every other powerful person that got caught lying. Defend to the end.

  17. Fuaci is full of shit! He knew from the start where, how, and when it all started. He was getting a kick back I'm sure. Fire him and charge him for murder on humanity

  18. Yes it is fair that NIH director was dismissive of the lab leak theory in the beginning. C'mon man!