New Coffee & Cursey Words | Shannon Beador Sues her Divorce Lawyer and Wins the Defamation Suit

There is more housewives legal to touch on and today it’s a look into RHOC and Shannon Beador’s suit against her former Divorce Attorney.

0:00 – Welcome
3:00 – Law Nerd Shop Pride Month
11:30 – Raising LGBTQ Allies by CHRIS TOMPKINS’s-Guide-to-Changing-the-Messages-from-the-Playground
17:02 – Road So Far – Who is Shannon Beador
20:03 – Shannon Beador Sues her Divorce Lawyer
39:14 – Shannon Beador Wins the Defamation Suit
1:08:05 – SLAAP Lawsuit Explained
1:11:30 – Delcaration of Shannon Beador Special Motion To Strike
1:19:40 – Q&A
2:06:07 Court of Public Opinion Results

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  1. Char McShane

    What the heckarooni is a
    "SHORT BUS"??????
    is it like a long car?
    A tall taxi?

  2. Madelynn Swank

    I found the channel via the podcast Hot Takes and Deep Dives!

  3. MaryEllen Bashaw

    Totally want a SERIES on the Judges.

  4. As an attorney, I would be so embarrassed if I filed a petition like this. So immature and a waste of judicial resources.

  5. Outi Pöllänen

    We have a fitness trampoline in our living room. It's small, so kids can't get much bounce with it. It's still fun for my autistic girl.

  6. Diagon Ally87

    I almost never make the lives..(stupid work!🤣), but I just love your content and think I may do purple hair after seeing how very amazing yours looks! I’ve been here quite a while, and think it’s wonderful that you’re channel is growing by leaps and bounds!! Congratulations!🎈

  7. Replay crew present! Yes please cover the Bethenny and Jason divorce!!💜💜💜

  8. Ava Lavendar

    Emily talk to Heather McDonald about it! I bet she would talk to you about it! She won against Jim Bellino and it was a victory for freedom of speech!!

  9. Ava Lavendar

    I just REALLLLLLYYYY want to hear her former attny's rebuttal. I bet he had to turn his phone off because she drunk called him all the time crying.

  10. Definitely have to heat Tamra’s side!!!

  11. Melchol Fantaye

    do I need a new notebook? not at all. But will I buy a law nerd notebook? yes in a heartbeat

  12. Retired Mimi


  13. Can’t believe they didn’t outline the college education, their oldest daughter goes to Baylor which is around $60K/year so for three daughters that’s upwards of $750K. Crazy.

  14. Love the hair

  15. Grandma Moses

    Love your t-shirt and cursey words! Lol. You are such a doll, thank you for breaking this stuff down. I'm retired but I still like to learn about stuff. Commentator, teacher, and cursey word vocabulist! Hehehe

  16. Matthew Harris Law, PLLC

    I'm a Divorce Attorney. If I couldn't represent my client effectively, without getting myself sued for defamation, then it would be time for me to hang up my briefcase. lol

  17. Emily your awesome 🌈🌸🦋🦄
    I would like like to ask you a random question.🙋🏻‍♀️ If you can help me,please thank you in advance.
    Is there a legal prohibition on aircraft cabincrew serving as witnesses in curt?

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  19. I’m from California and often wealthy families have completely separate college funds for each child, like trusts, so they’re not necessarily part of a dissolution bc they’re not at issue


    Ma'am Okda,
    You are super brave. THANK YOU for sharing, you are a wonderful… I'm sending you love and prayers. Big GIGANTIC hugs




    Where did you find the white/cream chair behind you? I'm in LOVE💚💚💚

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    I may have missed it but can you cover the Gwyneth Paltrow Goop candle lawsuit? Some guy bought her v*gina candle and it exploded, damaging some furniture so he's suing her/Goop for $5m

  28. You were amazing on the H3 podcast I’m immediately subscribing and watching!!

  29. Damn 16 minutes in before getting to what your title describes. Im all for supporting LGBTQ…but time stamp or something would be helpful.😳

  30. The Fab Life Of AlexHenry

    I wonder if this lawsuit has to do with why tamra was taken off RHOC

  31. I love how often you change your nails. When quarantine started I went on a mission to break the habit of biting and I did, but it developed an arguably worse habit of polish obsession 😂 I went from having a little makeup bin to literally almost a thousand 😅 all that to say MORE NAIL CONTENT 🤣 but really just a lil blerp during the intro of “nails of the day” would be so fun 😝 thanks for coming to my Ted talk

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    Saw a comment say bethenny frankel and Jason hoppy – YESSS PLS

  33. Debbie Starrett

    Judge Middleton came on this morning. His Zoom court will resume on Monday!! Evidently, MI Supreme Court had a change of heart!!

  34. melissa gardner

    Yes deep dive on Tamra🙏 Her mouth is dangerous

  35. melissa gardner

    Yeah it’s down.🥲 I tried to find it I’m a Jucie scoop fan. Can’t find it anywhere. Love ya

  36. I too own that shirt now. You make my day.

  37. "I appreciate a sassy lawsuit, don't we all?" Lady – that's why we're all gathered here today.

  38. Devils Advocate

    Jim & Alexis Bellino: the only two things I remember of them is how unplesant he was and that she stated that women should not be presidents

  39. Melissa Morelli

    Replay crew!!! Love all things Housewives, cussy words and Law Nerds!

  40. Would love to hear the break down of the Tamara Judge case

  41. Hello Tiddy Mitty

    1:50:55 my mum tried going to law school after having 3 kids and we barely saw her at the time. She eventually dropped out because she could no longer afford it and sometimes she regrets losing time with us.

    She's a clerk at a law firm, for decades now, and her knowledge from her time in law school is still useful to this day. She always enjoyed the paperwork side of things anyway.

  42. We ended up in Davie Village in Vancouver this weekend – it is a very LGBTQ+ friendly neighbourhood and there are rainbows everywhere. My 12yo has friends who have recently come out as part of that community and she was so excited. "This is LIT". She wants to bring her pals down there (when we're allowed to mix with other households again). So proud to be raising an ally – but to her it truly seems like no big deal.

  43. Amelie Vögele

    OMG the John oliver slap episode was GOLD (new here came from Angelika Oles)

  44. I always got a creepy vibe from Jim.

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